Commercial Management

Maximising Profit from your Shipping Operations

For the Charterer or Operator who needs to optimise their tramp fleet utilisation ShipNet Commercial Manager offers an end to end planning and management toolkit covering all aspects from estimating a voyage, through managing its operation, and then reporting results out.

ShipNet Commercial Management provides powerful integration tools, posting results to financial management systems and reading in data from authoritative external sources such as ISS World of Ports.

Voyage Estimator

Helping you make the right chartering decisions.

Voyage Estimate Map Voyage Estimator Quick Estimate.png

Dynamic Routing

Use a map based interface powered by the Netpas distance engine to plot your route accurately, taking into account SECA emission control areas and navigating around piracy hotspots and conflict zones.

Edit routes by dragging and dropping waypoints, dynamically updating your bunker calculations, and save these routes for future use.

Compare Different Combinations

Rapidly model different cargo and vessel combinations, applying different scenarios and seeing likely commercial outcomes. Readily compare different estimates side by side to easily spot the best chartering options.

Read in bunker prices with four methods supporting, including FIFO imported from the ShipNet Voyage Manager.

Link Voyages Together

See a full financial picture reflecting your fleet's operation by tagging voyages and linking combinations which allows you to see consolidated estimates reflecting both profitable voyages and ballast legs or empty backhauls..

Voyage Manager

Performance Reporting

voyage manager 1 map real time conditions 1 consolidated port call 1

Compare Estimates and Actuals

Throughout the voyage ShipNet Voyage Manager shows you a map based plot of how the actual voyage process stacks up against the estimate, giving the vessel operator information they need to be able to issue the right instructions and ensure the voyage still delivers a profit.

Draw in Real Time Condition Information

Use Voyage Manager's direct link to live condition information to judge how best to instruct your vessel, taking into account prevailing weather conditions or disruption alerts in destination ports.

See Consolidated Port Call Information

Draw together historical information related to previous port calls at specific facilities allowing you to see what past transactions cost and how long they took.

Voyage Integrator

Voyages exploiting joined up information.

puzzle pieces 2

Exploit Information in Your Voyage Records

The ShipNet Commercial Management suite allows you to readily exploit your voyage related information across your organisation, giving all departments access to the voyage performance related information that could have a bearing on their roles, meaning your whole organisation can work more effectively and throughout you maximise the potential for running profitable voyages/

Draw in Third Party Expert Data

Integration is not a one way street. Use ShipNet Voyage Integrator to bring in information from expert external sources. Allow your marine assurance teams to make better vetting decisions by reading in data from ISS World of Ports. Bring in questionnaire data from Q88 and Baltic99. Make better stowage decisions by exploiting chemical cargo information from Milbros. All of this is possible in one place using ShipNet Voyage Integrator.

Integrations with Agency Systems

Speed up the rate at which you can realise the financial results from your voyage with direct integrations to leading agency systems. From your ShipNet Commercial Management package you can push relevant information out to providers such as DA Desk to process the disbursements connected to your voyage


Simple real-time ship to shore communications

 ShipConnect - Screenshots   ShipConnect - VM

Real-time Vessel Reporting System

ShipConnect is the successor to the Vessel Reporting System which runs as a hosted web application.  This allows real-time ship to shore communication allowing you to:

  • Optimize fuel consumption

  • Measure fleet utilization

  • Make routing decisions based on ETA / ETD

 No Software Installation on Vessel

ShipConnect is a hosted web application connecting to your database on your server. The vessel receives an email with a link, which once downloaded means you can work off-line until you are ready to submit.  This removes the arduous task of installing software onto your vessels and also means that the software can be used for TC-in voyages.

 Integration into Voyage Manager 

There is automatic integration to Voyage Manager which provides detailed analysis of the vessel data and can be accessed on mobile devices meaning the information is available wherever you are, whenever you want it.  Performance data from the vessel can also be analysed and actual versus planned comparisons can be made. 

ShipNet Commerical Management provides everything you need to manage your Chartering and Operations function, putting the tools needed by charterers and vessel operators in their hands, bringing in the data they need, and allowing them to hand transactions across to other elements of the organisations quickly and easily.