Financial Management

Speeding Up Your Cash to Cash Cycle

ShipNet's Financial Management application is a fully featured finance application optimised for the particular needs of the shipping industry.

Combining the rich features you need when handling shipping transactions, including support for multi-company and multi-currency transactions, ShipNet Financial Management is delivered in an interface that means you can process transactions measurably more quickly, meaning you can make better use of your cash position.

Journal Entry

Get finance data into your system in a visibly simpler way

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Visibly Faster

A completely configurable interface presents users with a streamlined way of working that matches the way they need to work.

With in system validation, tabbed browsing, and the ability to save unfinished vouchers the time spent on entering a transaction is reduced by up to 60 per cent.

Completely Searchable

Find the transactions you are working with quickly with a completely redesigned batch explorer.

Accessed from the main Journal Entry screen you can sort and add new batches without exiting from the old batch bring real efficiency to financial operation.

Open for International Business

Total support for base, secondary base, and national currencies combined with international VAT support make handling a typical shipping transaction a simple process.

With validations for VAT and intercompany transactions, and the ability to quickly puck up open invoices handling the financial aspects of your business has never been easier.

Financial Intelligence

See your financial position, whenever you need to

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Excel in Business Warehousing

Build queries where you can easily drill down into large datasets.

Out of the box suite of KPIs and ability to map through from individual expenses to see root causes captured in other elements of the ShipNet system.

Excel in Business Reporting

Reports come out of your system giving you the right information in you need in the sort of format you can easily exploit and draw conclusions from.

Draw information into Excel where you can use intuitive query functions to interrogate the data in your finance system.

GAAP and IFRS Reporting 

Clear picture of your Chart of Accounts

Generate Profit and Loss reports out of the box which can be readily linked to standard such as GAAP and IFRS.

Disbursement Management

Complete DA Process Outsourcing

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Value for Money

ShipNet Disbursement Management Solutions is an independent outsourced service aimed at Principals who want to free their key operation resources to focus on their primary activities.

ShipNet's team of experienced DA Executives handle all aspects of DA process, capturing all relevant documents, scanning, uploading, and storing them for use by the Principal.

Process Driven

Defined processes ensure high quality throughout the disbursement cycle. ShipNet staff work through Proforma DA review and validation, Final DA review, and reporting back to Principal.

Fast and effective with client specific registers and automated communications using fully customisable templates. Use a 24/7 online system to interact with ShipNet DA processors with a paperless workflow

Transparent Reporting

Complete access to all documents with a dashboard view and alerts. 

Benefit from a full audit trail that logs all messages and communications between Principal, Agent, and suppliers.