The ShipNet Academy

Learn How To Use Your ShipNet Application

This series of "how to" animations will give you a deeper insight into how to access some of the key functions of the ShipNet suite of applications.

Suitable for the beginner how is seeking to learn the basics or the experienced user looking for a refresher course in how to do a particular tasks these step by step guides will help you unlock the value from your ShipNet investment. 


The ShipNet Procurement Modules allow you completely manage all aspects of purchasing.

Copy Orders

Learn how to copy orders using the ShipNet Procurement system.

Order Types

You can set up different order types in ShipNet Procurement. This allows you to require different inputs for a spare parts order or a service order, you can restrict users to one order type or another, which gives you additional control over the procurement process.

In this video learn how to create and use different order types.

Manually Enter a Purchase Order

Learn how to enter a requisition, putting the requested items into the order; carry out an enquiry, sending out a request for quotes to suppliers, and issuing a purchase order once a supplier is chosen.

Search by Suppliers

During the inquiry stage users will typically need to find several suppliers. You can search for suppliers based on information in the supplier ledger and the article register.

Search for Orders

Learn how to search for requisitions, inquiries, and purchase orders. ShipNet allows you to find this sort of information in multiple different ways.

Split Requisitions

A single requisition may need to be split into separate parts because of issues such as cost or different suppliers. You can split requisitions by item, account number, or by number of items.