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15 February 2017

ShipNet Released February 14 2017 - Introducing Service Oriented Architecture

ShipNet Released February 14 2017 – Now Introducing Service Oriented Architecture marks the first release of the commercial management system that relies on a 3-tier architecture for some of its features. In technology terms, this means that we are moving some of our functionality from the classic client-server architecture to a client-application server-database server architecture, so when planning your upgrade, you need to keep in mind that you need to install the application server component which we refer to as ShipNet One Server. Once installed, you also need to configure the application server and the client installation. For most customers, you may be able to install the service on your current application server where ShipNet is installed or on your database server.

In practical terms, moving to a more modern 3-tier architecture allows us to isolate the business logic from the user interface, which leads to better scalability for performance and allows us to add user interfaces on different platforms (phone, tablet, PC). We expect to continue the gradual transition of more and more of the functionality to this new architecture, and work is already underway in several areas to address this.

For, the two key functionalities that have been ported to the 3-tier architecture is the Voyage Estimator and the Digital Voyage File for handling attachments. This work has allowed us to also add a hosted web interface for the voyage estimator which allows for effective use of that functionality on mobile devices. ShipNet One Server is also used to enable ShipConnect and will be the architecture for all Connect-family products going forward.

The new voyage estimator also sports an updated look-and-feel, and now includes a home tab for searching and an option to create template voyages. Within the voyage estimates, we have added Visual Sensitivity which with a single clock shows sensitivity to rate or quantity on a graph.

Before upgrading to ShipNet, please take care to read the installation instructions carefully and contact us for help or questions.