One System For Shipping Success

The Completely Integrated Application Suite for the Shipping Industry

ShipNet is unique in being a fully joined up maritime ERP suite. By addressing all aspects of a maritime transaction we are able to ensure information passes through the system quickly and effectively. This means that you don't need to waste time copying and pasting data or worrying that it has not imported correctly. By saving time here you speed the process by which you can recognise the revenue from a voyage and make better use of your working capital.  

One System

All Aspects of Shipping, Completely Integrated

single launcher

Single Launcher

Launch all ShipNet applications including both "Fleet" and "Classic" packages from a single intuitive interface, with a common launch menu in the left hand navigation pane.

Each user sees only what they have access to, making for a seamless user experience.

Tabbed Based Browsing

Each application opens in a tab, allowing easy switching between applications and allowing you to see how information is handed off across all aspects of the complete system.

Workflows control what each user can do and what tasks they need to do in each tab.

Better Administration and Workflows

By being joined up you can control the application much more efficiently. ShipNet takes a single user management approach with single sign on to applications and fully enabled workflow processes across applications and domain areas.

  Core-Premium Connect

Core Premium Connect

The key foundations :-

  • Accounting Manager
  • Voyage Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Technical Manager
Undertaking a systematic renewal in .Net

“Mobility offering”

  • Mobile Position List
  • ShipConnect
  •   Superintendents’ Toolkit
  • Marine Assurance

Financial Productivity Offering

  • Excel in Business (Financial Intelligence)
  • Eye-share (Paperless invoicing)

 Supplier Connect Offering

  • ShipServ (Match engine)
  • Self Service Catalog

 Maintenance Plus

  • Maritime Pentagram
  • Dry Docking (Refman
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Mine your Existing Data

The ShipNet data management layer means that all the richness of your existing databases is still available, meaning your can mine your store of data and draw Business Intelligence conclusions from patterns in the way you work.

.Net System Renewal

Legacy applications are replaced by modern, efficient modules written in .Net and ensuring transactions flow through the system in an integrated and efficient way.

Common Look and Feel

Make the most of staff capabilities by ensuring the user experience is consistent across all modules and accessible on desktop and mobile devices, reflecting the way we work now.

By being a joined up integrated system implementing ShipNet means you don't have to worry about the integration challenges posed by selecting a disparate group of best-of-breed applications. Using ShipNet gives you operational efficiencies that mean your cash to cash cycle is shorter and make you more competitive in the global shipping industry.