Complete Visibility of the Marine Supply Chain

For the marine manager who wants greater control over purchasing, ShipNet Procurement provides complete visibility of the supply chain with financial and process controls to manage the actual cost of your inventory and minimise or optimise your purchases.

For the marine buyer who wants to source from quality suppliers using an optimised supply base, ShipNet Procurement provides an enhanced supplier rating system and seamless integration with marine e-marketplaces to help you create your pool of approved high-value suppliers.

Procurement Modules

Your Complete Procurement Workflow, Controlled.

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Shipboard staff can raise requisitions directly from their Planned Maintenance or Safety Management applications, removing any need for duplicated effort or errors in ordering. Inventory management tools and onboard visibility of pending purchases help prevent inventory excess.

Automated data entry and fewer clicks to complete the requisition bring greater efficiencies to the vessel and keep it moving.

Supplier Evaluation

Make sure you buy from trusted and reliable suppliers by using the enhanced supplier rating system and integrations with e-marketplaces and third party tools.

Build a pool of quality suppliers and manage your contracts and purchasing process with them in a streamlined environment, ensuring quality and value for money are delivered.

Shore Based Approval

All requisitions are automatically passed to your shore based procurement teams, allowing them to manage ship and fleet level expenses and prevent budgetary overspend using a system completely integrated with your accounting packages. 

Customisable reporting tools can create diverse procurement reports in company specific formats.

Measure and drive your procurement operations by using ShipNet to generate KPIs and metrics in industry standard and company specific formats. See where efficiencies lie and ensure your purchasing is as lean as possible.