• 18/11/2014ShipNet Roadshow: 17th December - Limassol, Cyprus

    We are delighted to announce that we will be holding a Roadshow event on 17th December in Limassol, Cyprus which will be aimed at potential new customers.  We will be presenting an overview of our Maritime ERP solutions which have been...
  • 14/11/2014ShipNet Roadshow: 4th December - Bergen, Norway

    ShipNet will be hosting a Roadshow event in Bergen, Norway on 4th December 2014.  This three hour event will cover what is new at ShipNet, including: 1. What’s New in ShipNet One...
  • 13/11/2014ShipNet Roadshow: 3rd December - Oslo, Norway

    ShipNet will be hosting a Roadshow event in Oslo, Norway on 3rd December 2014.  This three hour event will cover what is new at ShipNet, including: What’s New in ShipNet Accounting (SNACS) and Commercial (SNICS / SNOPS) Powerful...
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Chartering and Operations

request_info_on.gifTramp Commercial Management

For the Charterer or Operator who wants to match cargoes with vessels to optimise fleet utilisation, ShipNet offers an end to end voyage planning and management toolkit that is completely integrated with financial and vessel reporting systems. 

Voyage Estimator

Included in the application is a powerful Voyage Estimator, providing a quick and intuitive system for plotting different chartering scenarios and allowing side by side comparison of estimates, enabling users to fix the most profitable voyage. 

Estimates are based on sophisticated map based routing, giving you complete control over your route, and allowing you to take into account conflict and piracy zones, as well as emission control areas.

Operations Module

ShipNet Operations puts the vessel operator in complete control of their fleet. With three main applications covering all aspects of vessel operation.

The Voyage Account imports the calculations from the Voyage Estimator, positioning them alongside updated actual figures from other operational systems to show how the voyage performs in reality and enabling you to gauge the accuracy of the estimation process. For costs such as accruals, bunkers, hire, and rehire the system is fully integrated into ShipNet Finance and Accounting.

The Position Book gives you a view of operationally related data on the day-to-day vessel activities. It provides ongoing voyage details through noontime reports (weather, position, heading, speed, bunkers remaining on board), and port call information including bunker details, cargos handled, laytime calculations, and bunker calculations. 

Task Manager

ShipNet Task Manager means you need never miss a critical process step again. Using customisable task lists key activities can be associated with individual voyages, ensuring the correct process is followed at all times and gives you control over your workflow, ensuring busy multitasking staff are able to operate at their most efficient level