Technical Management

Keep your Fleet Running Smoothly

The ShipNet Fleet application provides a suite of Technical Management products that give users complete control over their ship management tasks, prioritising ease of use, personalisation, and scalability. For Fleet Managers it provides a single view reporting performance across all areas of vessel performance in real time. This is based on a comprehensive shipboard package allowing the Chief Engineer or Master to manage the safe and efficient operation of the vessel and report back to shore.

Synchronise Information Between Ship and Shore in Near Real Time

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Whereas we used to replicate, today we have a distributed architecture with ship and shore in synchronicity with Fleet Server Technology (FST) and tomorrow we will have free flowing technical information that can be sent from ship to shore for analysis in our Commercial product suite. With an unprecedented immediate flow of information you can get vessel position and bunker updates on demand, supporting real time re-routing decisions and ready access to shore based information from the ship.

Move away from the headaches of replicating databases across your fleet, instead have a central hub server providing near real time connectivity to all sites, be they ship or shore, using broadband or Inmarsat Fleet 77, with a resilient architecture which tolerates intermittent connectivity. ShipNet Fleet Server means you can get even more from your investment in shipboard satellite connectivity.


Safety Management

Keep on top of all safety issues and near misses with ShipNet Safety.Net

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Log and Learn From Incidents

With ShipNet Safety.Net you can be 100% compliant with all safety reporting regulations and requirements. 

Carry out risk assessments based on Safe Job Analysis techniques, identifying risk factors step by step and control or eliminate them.

Disseminate lessons learned and best practice around your fleet, showing compliance with industry standards.

Push Tasks to Relevant Users

The ShipNet Work Queue Engine sits on top of the Safety Workflow Engine. This means users always have a clear view of what needs to be done, with jobs being pushed at them based on their defined role at the point when they need to be done. This means users no longer have to look for what needs to be done next, instead can focus on getting the job done. 

Tests show demonstrable efficiency gains with a 70% reduction in the number of keystrokes needed.

Granular Workflow

Built on top of existing workflow frameworks finding and forms all can have their own rules defined independently of the individual safety occurrence allowing you to robustly handle permits, audits, near misses, findings, accidents, inspections, and technical deficencies. 

A new visual panel interface breaks away from old menu item system with "safety gadgets" helping the user and panels pre-filtered to display the right information to users.

Planned Maintenance System

Helping keep your vessels operational

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Track Equipment

The ShipNet Planned Maintenance System provides an organised approach to recording and reviewing shipboard equipment, inventory, and maintenance related data. 

At its core lies an Equipment module, which tracks individual pieces of equipment, spares, work procedures, and histories, providing you with all the tools necessary for managing the maintenance of your vessel. This is supplemented with a capability to handle spare part adjustments and requisitions.

Total User Support

Crew are given clear directions as to when maintenance is due, operating on a time or counters basis, and when carrying out work all the manuals and documentation for equipment maintenance is delivered in the ShipNet interface, giving them the support they need to effectively carry out jobs and keep your fleet moving.

Complete Fleet Picture

Requisitions made onboard the vessel are sent to the shore, and purchasing information is automatically passed to ShipNet Procurement for tracking accounting related information. 

Throughout the Planned Maintenance System draws on a common database, and updates made aboard the vessel are echoed onto the shore system, giving full management oversight of fleet wide maintenance status. This centralised database allows for a standardised approach to maintenance management, and eases addressing class and regulatory compliance issues.


Efficiently Manage Complex Projects

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Dry Docking

Manage all aspects of dry docking with a specification generator that compiles and prints all the specification documents required for the job. Produce simple drawing and annotated photographs to make your requirements clear.

Have a clear idea of the work breakdown, scheduling, and critical path of your dry docking project and monitor progress to completion.

Keep a Clear View of Cost

Control the costs involved in a dry docking project through comparing tenders from different shipyards, associating costs with jobs, and allowing a non-accountant to quickly and easily forecast the cost of refitting or dry docking.

Full integration with the ShipNet Financial Management suite means the real cost impacts of a project are quickly and accurately reflected in your business accounts.

See Scheduling Impact

With support for time lines the Project module tracks progress of each job element and reports it using GANTT charts, pictorially representing when jobs start and finish and tracks the project through to completion.

Integrations with the ShipNet Commercial Management application means your Chartering team can understand when the ship will be available for hire, allowing you to maximise asset utilisation.

Crew Management

Get the Most From Your Vessel's Crew

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Understand your Crew's Activities

Manage assignments for crew with time sheets and sign on / sign off functions. This means you have a clear view of crew sailing time, training activities, leave days, and rest hours aboard, meaning you get the most out of your crew.


The ShipNet Crewing system is completely integrated with the Master Cash Account, allowing you to handle payroll, salary advances, and ongoing slop chest expenses aboard the vessel. You can print payslips aboard to reflect all payments to vessels and comply with HR legislation.

Track Competencies and Certificates

Have a clear view of your crew data and history with their personal details including training and discipline management, experience, and certificates all stored within the system.

Easily output this information as a skills matrix to demonstrate crew competence to potential customers - a key factor in winning business.

Marine Assurance

Helping You Demonstrate Compliance

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Check Vessel Compliance

Ensure your vetting team can quickly look for vessel, berth, and cargo compatability from their ShipNet desktop.

Workflows ensure Marine Assurance activities take place efficiently and do not disrupt commercial operations while still maintaining control over safety related issues.

Read in External Data

Use authoritative sources to establish compliance by reading in data from third parties. This means that your Marine Assurance teams can benefit from the best information on making vetting judgements without having to leave the ShipNet environment, meaning they work more quickly.

Easy Traffic Light Reporting

The ShipNet Marine Assurance tool applies the rules relevant to your business to deliver a clear traffic light indicator to any proposed fixture, indicating when there is a clear pass or fail to the vetting test, freeing up your people to focus on the more difficult cases where informed judgement will be needed.

ShipNet Technical Management brings you a highly customisable solution bristling with search features which means you can address all aspects of keeping your fleet operational and compliant with class and flag state regulations.