Implementing Automation and AI into the One Connected Maritime Platform, a sneak preview…

Implementing AI and Automation into the One Connected Maritime Platform

A testament to our purpose of ‘Empowering organizations to achieve their full potential by integrating people and information’ ShipNet are exploring options with our partners AutomationEdge and their Artifical Intelligence (AI) & RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Solution. While it's early days, we wanted to give you some background on the work we are exploring together - Watch this space!
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Make Real-Time Business Decisions while Increasing Operational Efficiencies with Banking Integration

Banking Integration Module from ShipNet

For many of our customers within the Maritime Industry who utilize our Finance XE application, being able to process and execute payments is a critical function, particularly for Shipping Technical Managers due to the high volume of accounts payable.A current challenge faced within the industry is when payments are processed manually or are duplicated to ensure data is consistent. This challenge increases the amount of time and resources required for the process, decreasing overall operational efficiencies. More importantly, this challenge increases the probability of risk and fraud, while making it increasingly difficult for businesses to comply with internal policies and external regulations that are set by the banks individually.
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