4 Reasons to upgrade your Maritime ERP Software

For many users of ERP Software in the Maritime/Shipping Industry, upgrading your solutions to the latest version can bring daunting expectations.

But regardless of whether your business is using legacy chartering & operations software or ship fleet management software – putting off that much-needed upgrade could be costing you time and money in the long term.

Below we outline four reasons why you should embrace an upgrade for your business-critical solutions. Additionally, you can view our 4 Reasons to upgrade Maritime ERP Infographic.

1. Fix Bugs & Faults

Unlike a fine wine, legacy software does not get better with age. With every service release that your software provider puts out new bugs and faults can arise in your legacy software.

Combined with support teams reducing the amount of support available for legacy solutions, these bugs and fixes can start having a detrimental effect on your day to day business operations and costs.

Upgrading your solution can remedy this.

The ShipNetONE Solution is developed to work harmoniously with all major and service releases, bringing solutions to long-standing bugs and issues. Upgrading also ensures that you receive full support for the solution going forward, enabling you to use the solution to its full potential.

2. You could be missing out on the latest functionality and insights

Nobody likes missing out, new software versions and service releases continually bring new functionality and insights to its users, increasing the value of your data.

By not upgrading your solution means you miss out on a lot of cutting-edge developments, potentially leaving you a step behind the competition.

Data Analytics & Dashboards

As with most modern enterprise resource planning solutions regardless of industry, data analytics is at the forefront of developments. It brings new insights to help achieve new levels of efficiencies, cost reductions, and revenue growth.

For the maritime industry, the ShipNetONE platform enables you to interrogate your data to new depths through enhanced dashboards and reports, easily customized to your maritime business’s workflows.

These analytical dashboards become the difference between your Charters, Operators, and Technical teams identifying new areas of high cost, insufficient revenues, maintenance/safety issues, and make improvements accordingly, or missing them altogether.

Interfaces & Integrations

Another area at the forefront of Maritime ERP Software Solution development is the ability for your teams to interface & integrate with external systems and analytics, helping to centralize your data further.

The ShipNetONE platform can interface with any system used with your business; whether it is a website or data source, it can be interfaced with the solution using API.

Additionally, the ShipNetONE platform enables your teams to take advantage of third party solutions that bring added value, allowing them to be integrated as part of the platform. One great example of this is the new integration with Greensteam, which provides advanced analytics that enables you to optimize vessel performance for your entire fleet.


As a maritime business evolves, so does your staff’s workflow. Their processes continually adapt to multiple influences, whether it be internal or external policies or from the demand from the market.

Your software needs to do the same.

Over time, legacy software can become complex and harder to use as your users’ workflows change. Through upgrading your platform, you are ensuring your users have a simple solution that adapts to their processes.

ShipNetONE has been developed in line with this philosophy, to make things simpler through enhanced usability, helping drive efficiencies in task completion.

3. IT Security & Compliance

The need for your digital solutions to be secure and compliant has never been more prevalent. Not only do you need to ensure that your data is protected, but you are seen to be adhering to the latest policies, laws, guidelines, or regulations imposed upon your company.

Upgrading your solutions can bring many security updates with it while making you compliant to the latest standards.

Upgrading to ShipNetONE will move you to a platform that has been built on modern technologies. You will be released from the restrictions of a strict client-server solution, helping you meet IT Compliance regulations, and ensuring your security is always up to date. 

4. It could be easier to upgrade than you think

In many instances, getting your business on to the latest version could be far easier than expected.

For many ShipNet customers using legacy software (in particular for Commercial and Accounting solutions), upgrading is an easy process and, in many cases, can be performed for FREE!

We advise all customers still using older versions of our solutions to get in touch and discuss the steps involved to get you upgraded, based on the combination of solutions you are using.

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