5 Reasons to use Managed Services for your ShipNet Solution

In these uncertain times of a global pandemic (COVID-19), so many industries are being disrupted, with the maritime industry being one of the most widely affected. All maritime businesses are now looking to ensure stable operations in the current market through managing & reducing their risks & costs while monitoring & improving their performance.

Part of achieving these objectives requires the deployment of digital solutions built to adapt alongside the market to drive commercial, technical, and financial efficiencies and to support stable operations. As a CEO, CFO, or I.T Manager, how you decide to manage your solutions as a business is hugely influential in achieving these objectives & business continuity.

By moving away from on-premise solutions for your commercial, technical or financial systems and opting for a completely managed service gives you a platform to drive improvements, providing you with:

  • A minimized risk of disruption due to office closures (through 24/7 remote access).
  • An increase in staff productivity through enhanced management, maintenance, and performance of your deployed solutions.
  • The ability to minimize and predict your costs.
  • Security & Governance.

Helping you to become free to focus on what you do best, running your business.

Choosing ShipNet as your Managed Service Provider

As your current commercial, technical, and financial solutions provider, no one is better placed to manage your solutions than ShipNet. Through the ShipNet Managed Service Offering, we can offer a full and efficient service to host your solution, tailored to achieve the ideal performance levels while providing remote access 24/7. This service is coupled with fully managed upgrades, comprehensive monitoring, and collaborative testing of new solution versions.

Below we explore the top five reasons to use our managed services for your current ShipNet solution:

1. Remote Access 24/7 & Business Continuity in Times of Crisis

Remote-working for shore-based staff is quickly becoming the new normal and the number one priority in these challenging times, putting pressure on businesses to review their I.T. strategies to ensure business continuity. 

By partnering with ShipNet to manage and host your solutions not only provides you and your team with the required remote access at any time, but it also ensures solution performance remains optimal. Meaning your remote commercial, technical, and financial teams can work from anywhere uninterrupted.

Continued service is pivotal to any partnership with an MSP. Our direct value is to ensure business continuity, supported by implementing robust backup and disaster recovery measures for your data and solutions.

You can take advantage of the investment that we make into technology, networks, and data centers, safe in the knowledge that your data is protected, and your services will continue even if the worst should happen.

2. Focus Solely On Your Business Objectives

By outsourcing the management of your solutions to us will free up your internal I.T. resources, enabling you to focus solely on the business objectives that matter most to your company. Whether that is focusing on internal infrastructure, data security, or overall improvements to business processes and systems, you can allocate the required time and resources to achieve those objectives, leaving ShipNet to focus on technical issues and solution performance levels.

3. Minimized & Predictable Costs

Partnering with ShipNet to host and manage your solutions can actively minimize your costs in various ways.

We will provide all database/environments on an on-demand basis for starters, removing the need to deploy in-house servers 24/7, helping reduce those costly energy bills, and freeing up space while you are at it.

Secondly, having an outsourced specialist team means you can reduce in-house recruitment and training costs required to internally manage your solutions. While knowing that you will receive high levels of uninterrupted service provides peace of mind.

Thirdly, as part of a managed service level agreement, all service updates and solution upgrades are performed by ShipNet when your solutions become out of date, helping you swerve those expensive upgrade costs.

Finally, you put your business in the best position to predict I.T. costs. Again, agreeing to a tailored service-level agreement with us means you work to a fixed budget helping you avoid any unexpected service costs or uncertainties. What’s more, aligning with an MSP (ShipNet) who has an invested stake in your commercial, technical, and financial solutions means we will proactively escalate and advocate on your behalf, helping you achieve additional cost savings.

4. Increase Efficiencies & Improve Response Times

By working with us, you will ensure you have the right dedicated resources assigned to you. We not only understand your commercial, technical, and financial solutions but your business processes as well. We can translate business processes into product requirements & change requests to increase efficiencies for your business swiftly while proactively acting upon issues that arise within your systems, helping improve response times.

Your business becomes freed from performing these types of I.T. services in-house, which typically increase research, development, and implementation times and costs.

5. Data Security, Compliance, and Risk Management

Data Security, Compliance, and Risk Management are of ever-increasing priority to your maritime business. As an industry-specific managed service provider, we can manage these areas for you, utilizing our expertise to mitigate security, compliance, and risk issues.

We provide our services through industry-standard technology, Microsoft Azure, where your data is encrypted in line with GDPR, while implementing data security best practices, helping you become more robust against attacks and achieving compliance. Furthermore, we do not take complete ownership of your data, guaranteeing you will never lose access to it.

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11 Advantages of Managed Services in the Maritime Industry

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