About Us

To establish legacy, vision must be realised — where creativity knows no constraint

At ShipNet we have a fleet of 7 Global Offices, over 900 years of maritime experience and more than 25 years of creating new maritime solutions. But we still have one vision. We are committed to innovation, to creating the difference, to collaborating with our customers and to providing the answers to the challenges the industry will always face. And to becoming the world market leader in maritime solutions.

ShipNet set sail in 1993, partly funded by a forward-thinking Norwegian Government. We first met the challenge of creating a solution to deliver the level of financial focus the maritime industry was crying out for. Fast forward ten years and ShipNet had become an industry byword for difference and value, a company that constantly innovated and pushed boundaries hand in hand with its customers. Then in 2001 ShipNet broke through again, creating a ground-breaking commercial management solution that delivered structure for operators, while giving management better control of critical operations. Soon, with the purchase of fleet management technology assets in 2007, we began to drive forward greater safety standards and compliance in the market.

By 2011 ShipNet had created a holistic maritime solution of financial, commercial, procurement and fleet management applications. We began to shape the market in a different way, using our own experienced professionals in partnership with a new generation of visionary innovators. We consistently made major investments in technology to make sure we could always provide the solutions the market and our customers expect from us. In 2017 the organisation was acquired by Vol aris, a company that shared our vision of becoming the world market leader in maritime solutions.

Today, we look forward to navigating into the future and the exciting new solutions that are waiting to be created.


Global Office Locations


years of maritime experience across our team

Over 25

years of providing technology solutions


vision driven by our customers and our teams