Activate Issue 3 is here – February 2019

Dear Partners & Colleagues, we are excited to have entered 2019 as this is going to be a very exciting year for our stakeholders – our customers, our employees, our strategic partners & our shareholders.

In 2018, we made some significant progress on our thinking as a “CONNECTED MARITIME PLATFORM ORGANIZATION”. We also brought to market some significant integrations and solutions that benefited our customers.

2018 was also historical as it gave us the largest number of new wins that we have had as a business in the last 5 years of trading and has set us up very well with a significant customer win coming at the early start of the year.

This makes us reflect more precisely on our priorities, which simply crystallizes to –

  • No. 1 priority is to make our customers happy by providing them with long term value adding solutions
  • No. 2 priority is not to loose sight of our No. 1 priority

We have made some significant progress that I would like to highlight from our newsletter –

  • We are going to be launching our hosted solution offerings in Feb 2019. This will immensely help our customers reduce their cost on using our solutions and will also help our customers focus on their core business.
  • We have launched an Insight Desk service. We realize that many our customers would like reports to be produced on a regular basis. Our Insight Desk has an inventory of best practices related to reports used in multiple businesses and capability to engage with you and provide you reports that best fit your business.
  • We will be increasing the frequency of our release cycles where every 30-60 days, we will be sharing a release cycle. We want to increase the responsiveness to our customers needs, especially our Enterprise customers who are working aggressively towards develop digital connected platforms within their organization.
  • We formed partnerships with ShipMate, Automation Edge, ShipServ. We will be actively working with our customers to deploy these value added solutions.
  • We are in the process of partnering with a satellite communications and networks organization. We have started working on a Fleet Control Centre model which starts to demonstrate the true value of having a one connected maritime platform. Having the linkage to a pool of data scientists along with access to high quality data about vessels, voyages and cargo gives our customers a unique edge.

Our teams are going to be focused on simplifying your journey with us whilst still looking at every possible way to create joint value.

In addition to the above, we have also opened up an office in Cyprus to support our customers in the region and have recruited or made some changes in our team to get more closer to our customers.

I am personally very proud of how much our teams in collaboration with your teams have accomplished in 2018. I am equally excited to see more focus on supporting your businesses coming through in 2019 with a team available for supporting your innovations in areas of integrations, customizations and connections with a number of other strategic players in the marketplace.

I look forward to meeting many of you in Quarter 1, 2019 as I continue to travel and spend more time with you and our teams.

Activate Issue 3: February 2019 Front Cover

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