Implementing Automation and AI into the One Connected Maritime Platform, a sneak preview…

A testament to our purpose of ‘Empowering organizations to achieve their full potential by integrating people and information’ ShipNet are
exploring options with our partners AutomationEdge and their Artifical Intelligence (AI) & RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Solution. While it’s early days, we wanted to give you some background on the work we are
exploring together – Watch this space!

Automation in Maritime Accounting Software

AutomationEdge is working with ShipNet to identify ways to automate data input through Optical Character Recognition (OCR), error reconciliation and some of the decision-making required by the Accounting & Finance staff when processing invoices. Detecting invoice fraud, improving cash flow, and automating the reconciliation process are just a few of the ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) can change invoicing within ShipNet.

Automation in Shipping Procurement Software

Possibility to Automate procurement and inventory processes and enhance
Responsiveness with Automated Order/Inventory Tracking. ShipNet is investigating the opportunity of leveraging ‘bots’ to periodically query carrier tracking systems/websites and retrieve proof of delivery information. Link the data to the original order record in your warehouse management system for better tracking and faster responses to customer inquiries.

AI in Safety Management Software for Shipping

We are exploring exciting opportunities in Safety, particularly condition-based maintenance to encourage machinery manufacturers in providing information to fleet managers, which may assist in the prevention of failures and improve the performance of onboard systems. AI Bots can provide predictive intelligence unlocking potential cash and time-saving methods.

Stay tuned for more developments.