July 17, 2023

Empowering ship owners to gain real insights into ship performance and carbon emissions

Discover Shipnet's strategic partnership with Navidium, a leading data management and analysis platform. Explore how Navidium's unique capabilities empower ship owners to gain real insights into ship performance and carbon emissions, ensuring compliance with CII requirements and the upcoming ETS. Learn why Navidium's open data environment and personalized approach make them the preferred choice for Shipnet's vessel performance solution.

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Shipnet's Partnership with Navidium for Enhanced Vessel Performance Analysis

As regular readers of the blog will know, we take partnerships very seriously at Shipnet. We strongly believe that offering the best of the maritime software industry’s wares to users of our platform (even if it’s not software we made ourselves) is key to building long-standing, successful, high-value relationships with customers.

Introducing Navidium: Transforming Vessel Data Management

After launching our partnership at Nor Shipping this year, I wanted to write and explain why we chose one particular partner and show why we think they offer a fantastic solution to Shipnet’s customer base.

Navidium has built a fantastic platform for the management and analysis of data, and they have worked with us to bring that platform tousers of Shipnet to help users gain real insights into the performance of their ships and the carbon they emit.


Navigating Compliance: Meeting CII Requirements with Ease

Their unique ability to roll out over large fleets at the press of a button means that even our largest customers can begin the process of gathering data to comply with CII requirements, and be ready for ETS when it arrives in January 2024.


Beyond using just noon data, Navidium brings the opportunity to use their proprietary Vessel Specific Learning capability to produce much more accurate performance analyses than would be possible by interpreting noon data alone. This machine-learning enabled approach means that, over time, performance modelling becomes ever more valuable to your operations, as additional data refines and sharpens the analyses possible within the tool set.


Seamlessly Integrated: Leveraging Navidium's Open Data Environment

If you have invested in vessel data collection solution previously, Navidium’s open data environment will also also integrated with those systems, meaning any vessel in your fleet can be bought into the Navidium monitoring solution, and a complete CII assessment can be made and continuously monitored.


The Human Element: Building a Strong Partnership with Navidium

These capabilities are only part of what make Navidium our preferred vessel performance option though - key to our partnership are also the personal bonds that have grown up over the last months of discussions. Simen, Marty and the rest of their team are focussed, clever and passionate individuals who bring a fresh set of capabilities to the Shipnet offer, but also fit in with our culture: they are focussed and expert, but also approachable, funny and open minded.

Collectively, we believe we have an outstanding offer for the management of emissions and regulatory compliance, and we would love to talk to you about how it can propel your operations forward.

John Wills
VP Product

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