June 21, 2023

Harnessing the Power of Data in the Maritime Industry: Shipnet Partners with Navidium

In the dynamic shipping industry, data holds immense value and its proper utilization is paramount. John Wills, from Shipnet, delves into the significance of harnessing the right data and its effective application, offering insights ahead of the much-anticipated partnership announcement between Shipnet and Navidium. Discover how this collaboration aims to revolutionize the way data is leveraged in the maritime sector.

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The power of data with partnerships

The multifaceted nature of data in business

In a business context, data is a curious thing: it’s a raw material, an end-product and a by-product. It’s an inconvenience (ask anyone who has ever tried to use Excel to do serious analysis), a benefit and a goldmine. It’s often many of the above things simultaneously, and - worst of all- it’s only once you have spent serious time, money, and effort on interrogating it, do you really find out what it’s actually worth to you.

The need for specialized data solutions in shipping

So it's unsurprising that there’s all kinds of enterprises that are dedicated to helping you use data effectively. The providers of those services are now aligning themselves to specific activities, arguing that (in our industry’s case) to handle data about shipping, you need to have a shipping background.

At Shipnet we know this to be true. We only exist as a business because in the late 1980’s, shipowners came to the conclusion that generic accounting tools just didn’t meet their specific needs, and that something better should be created to help them manage their day-to-day work and to help them grow in the longer term.

The transformative power of data in shipping operations

We also recognise the transformative power of data. Over the last three decades (and hundreds of projects completed in partnership with the biggest names in shipping), we’ve seen at first-hand how a solid grasp on your business data can yield massive improvements and efficiencies.

Unveiling a new partnership: Shipnet and Navidium

The power of data is one reason why we will be announcing our partnership with Navidium at Nor-Shipping next week.

Navidium’s innovative and powerful software allows owners, managers and charterers to fuse together, contextualise, and reuse data points from their Shipnet installation (and other sources!) to make data insights accessible and actionable, helping them to achieve their goals. Just like Shipnet they are also a company with deep roots in the maritime industry. That, plus the fact they are all great people - means there’s a great cultural alignment with Shipnet and our clients.

Navidium bring a supplementary layer of analysis to the Shipnet solution. Our reports and dashboards are fantastic for day-to-day needs and performance management, but many organisations will need more power to get the best out of their teams, their assets and their business as a whole.

Addressing key maritime challenges at Nor-Shipping 2023

We’ll introduce some of the Navidium platform’s specific capabilities in next week’s announcement and blog - which will be of special interest to anyone who has CII, decarbonisation or fuel efficiency on their agendas, but if you happen to be at Nor-Shippinng drop by to see me, Navidium’s CEO Simen, and their CTO Marty on our stand in the Norway hall. Even better - get in touch to book a meeting to discuss your needs in more detail.

John Wills
VP Product

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