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June 26, 2023

Products and Partnerships

How Shipnet VP of Product John Wills fostered a mutually beneficial partnership to help spread the word and deliver solutions to customers that add real value. 

Seaber ship at sea

As part of my role at Shipnet, I spend a lot of time talking with companies, sometimes new ones but more often existing, established ones. All of these conversations have one thing in common, trying to identify how we can bring additional value to Shipnet customers. 

We have these conversations partly because shipping is in a period of transition (again!) - low carbon aspirations are colliding with global political and economic changes to threaten what has been a very profitable period for many shipowners and managers, and there are lots of products out there that may help our customers manage that transition.

Everybody wins!

We also have to face the fact that- whilst Shipnet is much more active in developing new products than its peers, we cannot do everything we would like to. Rather than schedule useful products to the end of a roadmap that stretches in to 2028, we go out to find partners with tools that might help customers today with problems that they have today, so they can get more benefit from the Shipnet relationship today. Not in five years’ time.

For a Shipnet customer, this means that they can get in touch with me (or any one of my talented and witty colleagues) and suggest businesses they’d like to see us work with, and be confident that we will make the call to that business to identify how we can work together, and come back with some suggestions for a collaboration.

Seaber Website

Partnership in Action

We’ve recently announced a partnership with that came about in exactly this way. One of our customers shared the difficulties that they had had in scheduling their fleet efficiently, and talked with me about a product that they’d seen from another vendor. They wanted to know if I’d heard of it, and whether I thought it would complement their Shipnet solution. 

I picked up the discussion with Seaber, and worked with them to deliver the integrations needed to make our products play together nicely, but more than that, we worked to deliver more than just technical integrations and instead delivered a solution with great mutual product fit, resulting in a great overall experience for users, with the combined solution delivering much greater value than the sum of its parts.

We are going to announce a similar partnership in the next few weeks and cannot wait to share the story, we’ll keep you posted.

John Wills
VP Product

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