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April 6, 2023

Streamline invoice processing with integrated invoice capture

Take a fresh look at how to manage your invoice processing with Shipnet's invoice capture software. A fully integrated solution that makes life easier for your accounts team, and saves you money

SAccounts department managing invoices manually

Streamline accounts processes with integrated invoice capture

Invoice capture – digitally transform your accounts

Prior to my working in the maritime industry, I was a CIO often working with businesses and government agencies who were busy adapting to the challenges of digital transformation. At that point in time, all these organisations were busy working out how to make the most of advances in technologies that were (then) new to the market.


But hasn’t OCR for invoices been around for years?

I recall the advent of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software, and how for a ‘modest’ investment ($14k for the hardware, $8k for each user of the software) one could scan invoices that then- some of the time, at least - had the data for price, currency, supplier and so on magically extracted into text that could be copied into your accounting application. At around the same time, more and more businesses started to integrate different applications together, allowing previously disparate systems to see the data held in their counterparts. That too was expensive and unreliable.


Real transformation from real integration

In the fifteen or so years since then, things have moved on a bit. OCR is now far more reliable, and is both easier and cheaper to incorporate into solutions, reducing end-user administration time and costs,and allowing businesses to more easily understand where they spend their money. Integrations are also more widespread, but- strangely - seem no easier to deliver than they did when they first hit the market.


There’s a reason for this: with increasingly complex individual applications supporting more comprehensive workflows, understanding the interactions between users and data (and working out what data is needed, when, and by whom) is much more difficult than simply getting a PO number and a dollar value from a scanning software into the accounting system.


So: how does one get the benefit of advances in OCR and AI document recognition into your accounting solution without having to deal with messy and expensive integrations? Easy - buy a tool that is already completely integrated.


Get your demo

Try our new Invoice Capture solution to see for yourself

We are pleased, therefore, to announce the new Shipnet Invoice Capture solution. Simply send (via email, or via bulk upload from a scanning solution) all the invoices you want imported into your procurement or accounting solution, and let us do the rest.


No integrations.

No fuss.

No unexpected costs.

… and all at 98%+ accuracy, which is certainly better than my data entry skills.


Contact us now to register your interest, and we will be happy to take you through what is possible with a completely integrated solution, powered by the latest OCR and AI tech.

John Wills
VP Product

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