Auerbach chooses the Procurement XE platform and sets sights on deploying full Maritime ERP Suite

Who is Auerbach?

Founded in 2010 in Hamburg, Germany, Auerbach is a ship management company whose business model is focused on freight and cargo, ensuring that their customers shipping operations run smoothly through engaging with professional logistics solutions and an innovative ship-management system. Auerbach understands that with the continual change that the shipping industry is going through, it is vital to stay ahead of developments.

Auerbach started with three vessels, but after rapid growth in the fleet since 2017, this increased to fifteen vessels. The target for Auerbach is continued expansion and to increase the fleet up to 30 vessels in the coming years.

What makes Auerbach unique is that they are a young team throughout, starting with the mid-sized management team right through to the experienced staff working at captains’ level. They are a team who believe in digital innovation and are open to adopting new technologies to push the company forward.

The ShipNet Connection

To ensure the continued growth of the company and meet objectives set out by the management team, it was determined that a Maritime ERP System would need to be integrated as part of the IT infrastructure and strategy. The aim is to help overcome daily challenges associated with technical and general shipping processes.

Auerbach analyzed and reviewed the market for available solutions and selected ShipNet as their partner of choice, sighting a robust integration & flexibility as being key decision drivers for the partnering.

“Integration & flexibility with our infrastructure and the processes we work with was critical to us.”

Commented Tobias Landwehr, the IT Project Manager for Auerbach

“We had specific requirements which were not necessarily apart of the standard ShipNet portfolio of maritime software solutions. We had a very open and honest discussion with ShipNet to understand our technical requirements, which was appreciated from our side. I was impressed with ShipNet’s ability to align and adjust the solution to our requirements. We had an outdated system that needed replacing, and the ShipNet system was the perfect solution for this, but we also knew that we were getting a partnership for the long term as ShipNet has committed themselves to be apart of growing Auerbach for the future.”

ShipNet commented on the new partnership with Auerbach “We are very pleased to build on the new partnership with Auerbach. They are a very young and ambitious company looking to bring innovation to the maritime industry, matching our philosophy, and we believe our solutions will help them achieve this. We are dedicated and excited to help Auerbach grow for the future.”

In late June 2019, Auerbach went live with the Procurement XE Solution from the ShipNet One portfolio with Auerbach highlighting the quickness of implementation and the ongoing support available.

“The implementation of the Procurement XE platform was a rapid process, and the entire team at ShipNet took care of the project and gave us immediate workarounds and solutions to challenges normally associated with this kind of IT project. The most important aspect of this project was the communication from ShipNet, and this was good confirmation that we had chosen the right partner.”

The Future for Auerbach and ShipNet

Auerbach is looking to the future with their partnership with ShipNet, intending to deploy an entire ERP suite. Plans already set in motion for the scheduled implementation of the ShipNet Safety XE Platform soon, and casting their eye even further down the road to the implementation of the Planned Maintenance Module as part of the ShipNet Technical XE platform. All the while, ShipNet remain open to discussions with Auerbach on how to continually improve the range of solutions together to meet new requirements and bring unique philosophies to the platform.

As for Auerbach’s thoughts on the digital future of the shipping industry, they believe satellite communication will play a more significant role in getting ships more connected to the shore given its affordability.  They foresee the Auerbach and ShipNet partnership playing a huge part in providing automation of monitoring solutions, using dashboard functionality to allow the likes of Technical Superintendents to gain further controls over vessels while enabling management to get a top-level view of the fleet.

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