ShipConnect Video

The ShipNet ShipConnect and MRV solution combines the ability to easily deploy and capture all performance related information from your vessels which updates your shore staff directly, with no manual duplication of work. At the same time enabling performance analysis and reporting.… Read More

Commercial XE Data Analysis Video

The ShipNetOne Solution utilizes highly modern & visual dashboards which be standardized or customized to your business needs, empowering your commercial, technical, safety, and purchasing teams to perform data analytics in real-time from a single integrated source of truth and support management-level decision making.… Read More

5 Reasons to use Managed Services for your ShipNet Solution

4 Reasons to opt for managed services in the maritime industry

In these uncertain times of a global pandemic (COVID-19), so many industries are being disrupted, with the maritime industry being one of the most widely affected. All maritime businesses are now looking to ensure stable operations in the current market through managing & reducing their Read More

3 Ways to Reduce Vessel Operating Expenses

All Ship Owners, Managers, and their departments are being mindful of costs in these challenging times.

Whether you are a CEO, CFO, Charter, or Operator, there is increasing pressure to reduce costs to ensure business stability.

Below we show you three

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