The benefits of Trade Management Software for the Shipping Industry

Shipping can be a risky and volatile industry, and market rates are declining or increasing in a short period. Projection can, therefore, be very tough in the short-term and mere impossible in the long-term.

Managing your risk and potential exposure in this day and age of shipping has never been so important and through the use of ShipNet Trade Manager, fully integrated to other ShipNet Solutions and the Baltic Index you can manage your exposure through FFA, your CoA as well as your Time Charter fixtures.

What are the Key Features of Trade Manager?

What are the key features of Trade Manager? Infographic
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The key features of Trade Manager:

  • Baltic Dry Index Integration- London based Baltic Exchange will provide an index daily.
  • Manage your (FFA’s) forward freight agreement, allowing you to hedge against the volatility of freight rates.
  • Calculate your long/short position on your fleet or selected part of your fleet, your TC fleet and your CoA’s.
  • Control Bunker swaps and exchanges your exposure to a floating fuel price for a fixed fuel price.
  • Provide a full overview of P&L Impact by sections or total.

What are the key benefits of Trade Manager?

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The key benefits of Trade Manager:

  • Full transparency of your long/short positions
  • Manage risk exposures in your business
  • Fully integrated with other ShipNet modules for transparency and efficiency
  • A comprehensive overview of your FFA positions
  • Optimize bunker costs through bunker swaps

What data is available within Trade Manager?

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The data available within Trade Manager includes:

Baltic Index – The solution supports the live import of the Baltic Index rates for one or more of the applicable trades for your organization supporting the risk management process of your business.

P&L Impact – Instant insight into how your exposure will impact your P&L by segment and in total. This support is critical in decision making and further optimizing your current and future risk exposure.

Long/Short term analysis – The solution is flexible and supports both long- and short-term analysis, driving day-to-day operational business while at the same time support long-term strategic decision making.

FFA / CoA / TC – Your overall exposure on your FFA, CoA’s as well as Time Chartered is fully available.

ShipNet Integration – Trade Manager is fully integrated into other ShipNet operational and financial modules supporting transparency as well as operational efficiency.

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