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Bunker Management System

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Intelligent Vessel Bunker Management System

The ShipNetOne Bunker Procurement Module is an Intelligent Vessel Bunker Management System that ensures that you get one single source of information, avoiding any integration challenges and can collectively see almost every element of your end to end transaction of third-party benchmarks to better support your business needs.

Bunker Management Sytem
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Increase Bunker Fuel Buying Accuracy

The ShipNetOne Bunker Procurement Software enables a maritime business not only to increase their bunker fuel buying accuracy but reduce operating costs through reducing and reacting to volatility in fuel prices, all the while providing end consumers with a reliable source of fuel.

  • Create bunker requests either from ship or from shore.
  • Keep track of the processes and manage every aspect of the workflow.
  • Integrate with online bunker prices from Platt’s.
  • Control the bunker receiving and have the ship report actual delivered quantity.
  • Mail stakeholders directly from the application and create mail base on templates.
  • Have advanced reports that links to the bunkers procure.
  • View bunker procurement in visually appealing dashboards.

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  • Increase buying accuracy
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve productivity and transparency
  • Reduce and react to volatility in fuel prices
  • Provide end consumers reliable source of fuel

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Develop and execute a more effective bunkering plan – buy fuel from the current port or the nearest port. Having transparency to this will support in managing variances related to fuel costs.


Available historical data will help negotiate better with primary or secondary suppliers for a better monetary value to keep fuel costs down.

Long-term outlook

Provides you with the ability to make spot purchasing or fixed term contract decisions. Thinking ahead simply helps save money.


Avoid any claims associated with non-compliance or off-spec fuel ensuring that you buy from reliable fuel supply sources.

Supplier management

Supports managing decisions or relationships with suppliers on a regular basis.

Data available in bunker procurement management system


Bunker Procurement
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