Casting Our Product Vision & Roadmap

Our Roadmap 2019 – 2020

To help you generate a more meaningful return on investment in the coming years, we have cast our vision and produced a product roadmap, based upon your feedback from our various touch points with you – a key being our User Conference in June and the Customer Advisory Board held in Copenhagen in September. The purpose of sharing this roadmap with you as we start 2019 is to allow you time to reflect upon where ShipNet began and to see where we want to go. It has been quite a journey, and we hope you will continue to reap the benefits that each new module or partnership has to offer you and your business. Our focus in the coming years would be to get ShipNet to be the leading connected platform with partners for you to use and utilize for optimizing your business.

Our focus in 2019 releases

Our Strategic Roadmap:

  1. Fully Integrated – Unifying master data registers to have one source of information.
  2. Operations Insight – Creating further ETLs and business-centric dashboards, reports.
  3. Intuitive – Consistent colors and UI’s, logos, icons and seamless movement across products in the ShipNet One platform.
  4. Connect with the 3rd party market place providers – Documenting existing integrations, assess industry benchmarking capabilities from external data providers and seamless dataflow integrations.
  5. Reliable & Stable – Faster Turn-around of development tasks and customer targeted testing.
  6. Add On’s – Extending existing modules with new features from existing SF/JIRA backlogs

Modules in the binoculars

Modules in the Binoculars

We are keen to keep your feedback and involvement to develop these products as we believe the roadmap we have produced steers the way for our platform to make a real difference, day to day in your organization.

Basujit Chakravarty