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ShipNet Cloud Sync Data Synchronization

Current Data Synchronization Challenges within the Shipping Industry

Shipping businesses who are predominately still relying on email systems or MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queuing) for the transferring of data between ship to shore applications are experiencing a drain on resources to not only set up and maintain but it is also considered an over excessive approach for this type of process. At ShipNet, we have a better, more reliable, and efficient solution.

Introducing Cloud Sync

ShipNet’s Cloud Sync provides tailored data synchronization capabilities for a shipping business by ensuring that information between ship and shore applications are always in-sync. By acting as a transfer mechanism and replicating messages sent removes the need to rely on email or other store & forward systems to synchronize various environments. Designed specifically for a maritime ecosystem, security and reliability of transactions are the core focus of Cloud Sync. Data conflicts are prevented, resulting in a reduction of errors and an increase in data quality. A shipping business who can trust their data reap the benefits of higher performance in operational functions,
data replication, and cost efficiency through significantly reducing the size of data transferred.

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