Achieve higher performance and cost efficiency with high-quality data synchronization

Introducing Cloud Sync

We want to introduce you to a new and innovative solution. ShipNet’s Cloud Sync provides Tailored data synchronization capabilities for the maritime ecosystem. Ensuring that information between ship and shore applications are always in-sync using real-time cloud synchronization. By acting as a transfer mechanism and replicating messages sent ensures direct and real-time data exchange between the fleet and the office using our proprietary solution. Thus removing the reliance on 3rd party software such as Outlook or AmosConnect. Moreover, providing real-time monitoring for a status of transfer for easy administration.

Cloud Sync has been designed specifically for a maritime ecosystem, security and reliability of transactions being the core focus, with easy activation and the utilization of pin control for added security. A shipping business who can trust their data reap the benefits of higher performance in operational functions, data replication, cost-efficiency through significantly reducing the size of data transferred. Most importantly, Cloud sync ensures a high-level of security and encryption for data transfers.

Download our Cloud Sync Fact Sheet

ShipNet Cloud Sync Fact sheet Cover

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Basujit Chakravarty