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Introducing Cloud Sync

ShipNet’s Cloud Sync provides tailored data synchronization capabilities for the maritime ecosystem. Ensuring that information between ship and shore applications are always in-sync using real-time cloud synchronization.

Cloud Sync Data Synchronization Dashboard

Real-time Data Exchange

By acting as a transfer mechanism and replicating messages sent ensures direct and real-time data exchange between the fleet and the office using our proprietary solution, thus removing the reliance on 3rd party software such as MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queueing), Outlook or AmosConnect. Moreover, providing real-time monitoring for a status of transfer for easy administration.

  • Data sent is provided with secure end-to-end encryption mechanisms in addition to transfer and storage encryption.
  • Uses Microsoft Azure in ‘West Europe’ as ‘temporary storage.’
  • Easy setup, requiring no inbound firewall changes. (System is ‘pull’ based over standard https protocol).
  • Licencing enabled on several or more vessels.
  • Includes separate status widget to get the status of messages.
  • Complete visibility of data on the server and what has been sent & received.
  • Gain an increase in the performance of operational functions & data replication.
  • Comprehensive management & support, providing a reduction in time and costs for I.T Professionals currently managing the process.
  • Achieve cost efficiency by significantly reducing the size of data transferred.


Cloud Sync Data Synchronization Datasheet
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