Integrations & Platform


Online ship to shore vessel reporting
  • Single operational data entry for master directly updated on shore
  • Browser based application, no software installed on board
  • Simple, yet flexible configuration including validations
  • Email templates – both on the ship and event driven (automatic)
  • Custom Forms in Word, Excel and PDF
  • Attachments from Ship in all standard formats
Visual Reporting
  • Analytics platform built into ShipNet One creating true value out of information recorded across business streams
  • Drive real-time operational intelligence across the business
  • ETL Data Source Manager
    • Utilise your SQL knowledge to create and maintain data sources within the application
  • Analytics Dashboard Designer
    • Utilise built ETLs to create interactive on-screen data analysis
  • Report Designer
    • Create compelling reports within the application utilising existing ETLs with mapping to modules and panels
    • Customise the default printouts of the application by changing the reports to suit your needs and formatting
SmartForms and Checklists
  • Designed to allow onboard users to operate planned maintenance, inventory management and safety related matters easily
  • Increase the speed of reporting
  • Provide a toolset to the ship’s crew to end double data entry and paperwork
  • Ease the pain of rolling out a new system onboard
Onboard Mobility
  • Paperless recording system for planned maintenance, safety or any other business related data
  • Works seamlessly with existing Excel and Word forms system
  • Integrated with Onboard Mobility (2018R1) enabling ship’s crew to record information on-site and remove time consuming paperwork
  • Electronic Checklists supplement risk assessments and work orders both within ShipNet One and Onboard Mobility
  1. Inventory Audits
    • Manage on-site inventory with scanning and barcoding of spares and equipment
  2. Work Orders
    • Carry documentation with you and complete work orders on-site
    • Attach pictures, consume spares and update details all at once without any paperwork
  3. Material Receiving
    • Receive purchase orders by scanning packages based on the Procurement System
  4. Running Hour Counters
    • Update machinery running hour counters on the go and eliminate carrying paper around
  5. Unscheduled Work Orders
    • Supplement safety rounds by carrying the tablet to record unscheduled work orders
Summary of integrations to other LOB
  • EyeShare – Invoice processing
  • MIMICS – Condition-based monitoring
  • AX, Navision, Lawson – Accounting interfaces
  • ShipServ, SNAPSWeb – Supplier interfaces
  • Bank EDI/Exchange rates
  • EIB – Business intelligence
  • Q88, Q88dry, Milbros and World of Ports
  • DA Desk