Jumbo Case Study


  • Based in Rotterdam and founded in 1968, Jumbo Shipping is a market leading heavy lift cargo operator currently with a fleet of 12 heavy lift vessels, which it keeps up to date with an active programme of new builds.
  • Jumbo is swift to adopt new technologies, from pioneering the use of stabilisers when loading and discharging, to adopting skidding operations when shifting from dock to deck.
  • This focus on innovation and specialising solely on crane loaded vessels helps Jumbo remain ahead of the competition.
  • Jumbo has been a ShipNet customer since 2004, and in the words of Finance Director, Bart Zielhuis, “overall, people are confident with the application”.


  • Enquiries are entered into the ShipNet system and a Booking List containing all required detail of the customer, the cargo and pricing is automatically produced.
  • Once booked, the job becomes a Fixture – enabling extensive statistical analysis to be run against the data leading to the Voyage Estimation phase.
  • Over 20,000 voyage estimate calculations have been made and stored in the system since the start of ShipNet utilisation.
  • The voyages are managed in real time via the ShipNet Operations System.


  • Data feeds seamlessly into other legacy systems including finance.
  • The data flow allows SOF info to be utilised automatically in Demurrage calculations and other chargeable activities.
  • All data is exported into Jumbo’s long-established admin and finance packages using a series of SQL connections.
  • Heavy lift voyages are often complex, with multiple load and discharge ports. Ease of use for the software is paramount with a real need for an intuitive interface that staff feel comfortable using.