Meet the Release: 2020 MR1

We are very excited to bring you the first major release of 2020. We have focused this release on bringing a lot of platform enhancements to you and your teams.  

In this blog post, we cover some of the key highlights from the Major Release (see below for a list of content and quick links) however for a more detailed overview, please see the release notes on our confluence site here

What’s new in the ShipNetOne XE Platform?

To get things started, let’s look at the new developments coming out of the ShipNetOne XE platform. 

New ShipNetOne XE Programs Menu

We have made it faster & easier to get to the modules you need. 

We have introduced the new ShipNetOne XE Programs Menu to improve the usability of the application. You can now set your frequently used modules as your favorites, while it automatically saves your ten most recently used apps, making them easily accessible. This improved usability saves you time by up to 42% in finding and accessing the modules you need.  

Backdoor Entries

We have provided better administrative controls, enabling backdoor entries. You can now find additional overview controls for administrators, allowing the ability to impersonate another user’s settings to assist with internal support and configuration checks. 

Workspaces Enhancements

We have enhanced the Web Browser Widget to now support Microsoft Edge, as opposed to IE11. 

Additionally, you can now edit widgets that have already been added to your workspace, removing the need to delete and re-add them. 

Ship Database Generation Toolset 

We have migrated over the mwDataBuilder utility now as part of the ShipNetOne XE platform, which provides a toolset for the generation of ship databases. A new explorer panel type “Data Builder” has been implemented for this. 

Web API Center

We have implemented a faster way for you to launch via our brand-new Web API center. 

This entirely new application has been created specifically for ShipNetOne XE and currently has API’s that support both procurement and invoice data. This API portal is scalable to support modern interfaces with 3rd party software and has opened up new pathways for building our web and mobile products in the future.  

Saving Your Preferences

We love saving your customized column layouts! So we have added more. 

Now your users can customize all the popup windows/search screens. The customized grid retains column order, width, and window size during any subsequent sessions. 

This update impacts 40 areas of the detail view sections and popup windows throughout the ShipNetOne Technical XE and Procurement XE Solutions. 

What’s new in ShipNetOne Technical XE & Safety XE?

Next up, we review the major releases coming from our planned maintenance and safety management solutions, Technical XE, and Safety XE. 

Our SmartForms just got Smarter 

We have implemented a brand-new grid control that supports Excel Sheets while providing more calculation options making them even smarter. 

Additionally, we now support conditional statements (IF Statements) in the formulae, making it possible to perform similar validations to Excel. 

We have also added support for other functions such as Min, Max, Sum, StDev, and Var for calculations. 

Risk Assessments

We have provided you better control over calculating your risks and reviews. We have introduced a new feature that will control whether calculating a potential risk is possible if existing controls still require setting up. We have also launched the ability to set the expiry date for risk assessments automatically. 

Performance Improvements for Equipment History

We have implemented a redesign of the Equipment History Explorer to support smart loading. The example screenshot below presents one of the explorers that can display multiple years of valuable maintenance data. The Smart Loading in this explorer will retrieve records sequentially. Looking ahead, we intend to extend this design to other relevant modules. 

Work Planning Explorer

In the Work Planning Explorer, we have added new guide columns to the guide role assignments. The new columns added include “Last Completed Role” and “Last Completed User,” which assist with the creation and transfer of work orders. 

Document Watermarking

We have implemented a better way to mark uncontrolled copies. Users can now configure the settings for watermarking themselves, and this feature now applies to all printed documents from the system.

Initialization of Work Procedures

The solution now allows a quick initialization of un-commissioned work procedures, included as an option within Work Planning.  

Under the action menu, we have added a new feature, “Initialize WP(Ship),” which will be visible/active if the user has enabled both the “Show Un-Commissioned Work Procedures” and “Allow to Initialize Work Procedure” features. Users need to select the site then initialize the parameters such as the date and checkbox “Initialize Next Scheduled Running Hours.” 

Occurrence UI Improvements, Explorers, KPI’s

We have made significant improvements in the usability of the Occurrence Module, where we have implemented better controls over UI Tweaks. The module now supports automatic control resizing and better mouse control, helping improve the user’s experience with the module. 

Additionally, the solution now supports better controls on event type creation from different explorers. These controls enable users to limit the types of events created based on pre-configurations of the explorer. 

We have also made it easier to manage KPI Lists. The solution now supports the Import/Export of KPI’s (hierarchical) between ShipNet environments, helping you save time during setup and testing before moving into live environments. 

App Sequence is now available in ShipNetOne XE

We have added App Sequence Management functionalities. This feature has been migrated over and updated from our legacy ShipNet Fleet Solution, enabling users to create and set App Sequences via the wizard.

Data Harmonization Tool

We have made significant improvements to the Data Harmonization tool, where we have added support for the movement of requisitions to different ship equipment. 

What’s new in Procurement XE?

Next, we take a look at the latest developments in our Marine e-Procurement Solution, Procurement XE.

Display of Account Codes

We have provided our users the option to display both account codes and descriptions together. This feature is available across the following areas: 

  • Requisition wizard 
  • Order detail views  
  • Transport Booking Finances 
  • Invoice wizard 
  • Invoice detail views 

Multiple-use of Supplier, Agents, and Forwarders

We now allow multiple uses of the ledgers in the procurement process. Users have two options, to use the supplier register for all ledgers or using all the ledgers together. 

This feature applies to all selections of suppliers, agents, or freight forwarders in the ShipNetOne Procurement XE Solution.

Unbudgeted Approvals

The solution now provides increased controls to our users over unbudgeted or budget exceeded scenarios. Users can now apply unbudgeted limits and validations. Additionally, in the user maintenance for approval limits, we have introduced unbudgeted cost limits. 

Expansion of Function Code Columns 

We have expanded the Function Code Columns in the panel to include: 

  • Period 
  • Invoice Number 
  • Invoice Date 
  • Purchase Date 
  • CID Code 
  • Currency Date 
  • Due Date 
  • VAT code 

Excel RFQ Enhancement

Users can now set up external comments as part of the Purchaser remarks on the Excel RFQ sheet sent to the supplier. 

Interim Receipts

We have introduced a new procurement settings feature, “Allow for dimensions & weight to be zero for WH receipt.” 

Updates of Port-Based on Transport Booking

We have added a new procurement setting “Update of the port on PO if the port on Outbound TB is altered,” allowing users to update the port information from the Transport Booking to all the linked PO’s. 

Supplier Evaluations

To improve analysis data sets, we have implemented the option to make supplier evaluation mandatory. 

Material Receipts

The Materials Receipts Explorer now displays the Port and ETA data.

Budget Variance Explorer

The new Budget Variance Explorer will have an overview of budgets, variance, commitments, and actuals. Based on customer demand, we have migrated this feature over from our legacy procurement solution SNAPS. For many of our new customers, this is a significant enhancement that provides complete budget overviews within ShipNetOne XE.

Other Updates

Other updates within Procurement XE include improved controls over Currency Rates. Clearing Dates and Checks performed based on whether currency rates exist. Users also have the option to use the last available exchange rate. 

The solution also now supports the pre-population of function codes, retrieving values for the Invoice Header based on valid combinations pre-populated for the first invoiced order line. 

ShipNetOne XE 2020 MR1 Webinar 

We recently held a webinar covering the new developments & features from the ShipNetOne XE 2020 Major Release. You can download the presentation deck and webinar recording below: 

Get in Touch

Should you have any questions about any of the developments from the ShipNet 2020 Major Release or about upgrading to the ShipNetOne XE platform, do not hesitate to get in touch with your account manager or me directly. 

Basujit Chakravarty