Meet the Release: 2020 SR2

For what has been (for many of us) a very unusual summer on the back of an even more unusual year, it is great to be able to look forward to the future with another service release of our ShipNetONE Platform, fit for launch.

Following our first Minor Release 2020 SR1 in June, we are excited to announce our second minor release, 2020 SR2.

We will be covering some of the key highlights from the release in this post, but for a more detailed review, please see the Release Notes on the CustomerNET area on confluence.

Below you can use the quick links to jump to the sections of the release that are most critical to you.

What’s new in Finance XE?

To kick things off, we’ve got some great new developments coming out from our Finance & Accounting Solution.

New Query & Report Center

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Query & Report Center, which allows ShipNet users to save and reuse Financial Performance Report Configurations as templates. More information on Financial Report Configurations can be found on our confluence site.

To create a new template, you simply need to go to the Template Name field, enter a new name and Save As.

Furthermore you can easily pick up and edit a saved template to add or change report lines.

UK VAT Report Export

We’ve also made it possible to export UK VAT Report Details to an excel file. Please Note: Exporting details for VAT Reports updated to accounting is only available in the 2020 SR2 Version-Release onwards.

We’ve also introduced Company Group in the Financial Report Selection Menu. Please Note: Company and Company Group Selection are mutually exclusive.

Additionally, the SAF-T Export Format will now generate the report file in UTF-8 format, instead of a UTF-16 format. While the Ageing Report found in the advance query now displays the total for each column, i.e showing the total sum for (Not Due, Due in 1 to 30 Days, etc).

What is new in Commercail XE?

Next up, we will highlight some of the new developments available in our integrated Maritime Chartering & Operations System, Commercial XE.

Disbursement Accounting – Process Improvement

We’ve made significant improvements to the Disbursement Accounting Processes. We’ve added an auto-transfer feature for the Final/Supplement Stage Submit to the Finance XE/SNACS Accounting Solution, meaning no manual intervention is required.

The feature can be controlled through the “Submit & Transfer to Accounting” CheckBox found in the Disbursement Accounting Register & Setup.

DA Register & Settings

DA Final – Click on Submit (Process 1 of 5)

Trigger the transfer to Voyage and Accounting (Process 2 of 5)

Transferred to Voyage Manager Successfully (Process 3 of 5)

Auto Trigger of Batch to Accounting (Process 4 of 5)

Transfer to Accounting Successful (Process 5 of 5)

Reference of Accounting Voucher

Quick Voyage Management – Improvements

We’ve enhanced the Quick Voyage Management tool to include tools that are available in the Voyage Detail, including Cargo L/D, Log Abstract, Port Log & DA.

Cargo L/D

Port Log

Log Abstract

Disbursement Accounting (DA)

Cargo Editor – Users can now open the Cargo Editor from the Cargo Grid

Additionally, we have implemented Sesam Access Validation functionality in the Quick Voyage Manager in My Voyages and we have also updated the My Ship Preferences to allow the selection of up to 250 Ships.

Booking List Details

You can now send Booking List Details by email in the Commercial XE Solution Booking List Details can be sent through email.

Booking List Template Configuration

Furthermore, you are now able to send emails that include either single or multiple Booking List Details

Send Email Option from Booking List Grid

Email Preview

What’s new in Technical XE?

Following on we take a look at the updates coming from our portfolio of Marine Fleet Management Software Solutions, starting with our planned maintenance system for ships, Technical XE.

New Integration Report Data Model

In this release, we have implemented a new version of the Integration Report Data Model for our users for better performance & maintenance.

The new version of the integration report may be activated using the “Use New Integration Data Model” Switch in the System Settings.

When activated the application will log all integration reports in the new data model, providing the following advantages:

  • Removing the internal ID generation process, meaning there are no limits to the number of records that can be stored in the integration report tables.
  • The ability to clean-up old integration report entries.

Additional features available in the Integration Reports Screen include:


Users can now migrate data from the old integration report tables into the new format.

To do this, open the Integration Process Reports and perform Action => Migrate Reports(s). Choose the required options (Process Type / Date Range) in the following screen and click Migrate to move the data from the old table.


To clean-up old integration report entries, open the Integration Process Reports and perform Action => Delete Report(s). Choose the required options (Process Type / Date Range) in the following screen and click Cleanup button to delete the records.

Crewing integration with MariApps application.

Our Technical XE Solution now supports a crewing integration with the MariApps application. More information on how-to-use the integration can be found on confluence.

New Copy Feature in the Reports Designer

We’ve added a new feature that lets users copy sections from one report (Template/Custom) to another custom report. This is applicable when both the reports are the same (i.e Created from the same standard report template) or using the same datasource.

To use this feature go to the Add Section option in the Report Designer.

Before using Add Section option you need to perform a one time process of clicking Refresh Datasources. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Open the required Custom Report where you would like to add a section

2. Click the Add Section button. The following window will be displayed. The above Custom Report sections will be listed on the right-hand side, as shown below.

3. Select the Report Template/Custom Report from the left-hand side in which you want to add a section(s)

4. Select the required section(s) to add/overwrite to the target custom report. Click the arrow button (i.e Add/Overwrite selected sections) to move the selected sections.

5. The selected sections are moved to the target custom report as shown below.

Once saved, close, and reopen the Report Designer to see the newly added sections(s).

Note: Move the newly added section(s) to the required level.

6. Configure and print the report from the Occurrence Detail Screen. The newly added sections will be displayed in the report.

User Alert Preferences

The User Alert Preferences have been updated to allow quicker configuration. Preferences can now be changed/updated for multiple items with a single selection. Users can change the settings for Queue Status Alerts or by enabling/disabling all checkboxes in the Alert Preferences Columns, see below screenshot.

Circular Viewer Visual Panel configuration

The Circular Viewer has had a pre-filter option added to Visual Panel creation configuration, now displaying a list of various circular event types.

Users can now configure the Circular Viewer Panel using the above pre-filter screen. If the pre-filter is applied then those Event Types will be displayed in the Circular Viewer Panel as per the below screenshot:

From here users can select a specific Event Type to view and explore the related data.

What’s new in Procurement XE?

Last but by no means least, we take a look at some of the updates for our Marine Procurement & Logistics Solution, Procurement XE

Commercial Approvals

As part of the SR2 release Commercial Approvals are now apart of Commitments.

We’ve applied a new setting named “Include Approved Quotes Value in Budget”, which by default is set to false.

Additionally, we’ve added two new columns “Reserved” and “Total Spent” have been added to the budget information screen and budget validation screen.

Send RFQ to all Contacts

We’ve added a new column, “Copy to all Contacts” in the supplier selection while sending an RFQ. Checking that column will add all contact details of the particular supplier in CC in the mail, applicable for EMail and Email/Xls suppliers

And that covers the highlights from the 2020 SR2 Minor Release, for more information visit the detailed release notes on our confluence site.

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