De Poli Tankers embrace Data Quality & Analysis through ShipNetOne XE Upgrade

De Poli Tankers embrace Data Quality & Analysis through ShipNetOne XE upgrade

De Poli Tankers Holding B.V., established in the 1990s, is a premium quality Ship Operator in the Chemical sea trade. Who provides safe and flexible top-tier services for Oil Majors and trading companies of Chemicals and IMO I and II cargoes. De Poli Tankers began … Read More

How to Leverage Maritime Data Analytics to Enhance Ship Chartering & Vessel Operations

How to leverage maritime data analytics to enhanceship chartering and vessel operations

Maritime Big Data Analytics poses the question of what Ship Owners and Operators such as yourselves can achieve in Ship Chartering & Vessel Operations given the right insights and overview to push increases in operational efficiencies & revenue opportunities.

Industry leaders recognize the importance of … Read More

Meet the Release: SR8 2019

Meet the Release ShipNet SR8 2019 Maritime Software Release

Firstly, ShipNet would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! We hope that 2020 is a prosperous year for all our customers, and we are looking forward to working with you over the coming year. Our first blog of the year is going … Read More

Leveraging a seamless marine procurement partnership to drive efficiencies and reduce costs – The ShipNet/ShipServ Connection

A Marine Procurement Partnership ShipNet ShipServ

At the end of 2018, we announced the strengthening of the long-standing marine procurement partnership between ShipNet & ShipServ. Greater cooperation between the two companies is delivering a competitive advantage to our joint customers, utilizing world-class Marine Procurement Solutions. We want to show you exactly … Read More

Asia Maritime Pacific streamline their voyage estimation using the ShipNetOne Commercial XE Solution

Asia Maritime Pacific streamline their voyage estimation processes using the ShipNetOne Commercial XE Solution

ShipNet's long-standing partnership with Asia Maritime Pacific began back in 2008 when Asia Maritime Pacific chose to utilize ShipNet's Chartering & Operator solutions. The solutions consisted of the Voyage Estimator (SNICS), Manager & Accounts (SNAIR – Invoicing) to drive their commercial operations forward. Additionally, the … Read More

Bunker Software: Increase bunker fuel buying accuracy while reducing operating costs

The Benefits of Bunker Software

As we know, 50% - 60% of voyage related expenses are locked in bunker costs. Shipping companies are constantly looking at mechanisms to make more informed decisions while procuring bunker fuel to improve the profitability of voyages. This module will ensure that you procure at … Read More

The Evolution of Supply Chain Management in the Maritime Industry

Evolution of Supply Chain Management in the shipping industry

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it’s imperative that shipping businesses adopt new ways to streamline their supply chain management and optimize productivity. We believe that organizations such as yourselves can create better visibility within your supply chain, get more control over your business, and stay … Read More