Achieving TMSA 3 Compliance with ShipNet – Part 2

achieving TMSA 3 compliance with ShipNet - Part 2

In the first part of this series of TMSA 3 articles, we took a closer look at how ShipNet can assist tanker companies with implementing TMSA 3 compliance. We reviewed the first three key elements consisting of Leadership and the safety management system, recruitment and … Read More

Operate Planned Maintenance, Inventory & Safety easily and on the go with Mobility Onboard

Planned maintenance mobility onboard software maritime

The implementation of new Planned Maintenance Systems or HSSEQ Systems is always a challenging task. This is particularly so in regards to getting users’ buy-in onboard the vessels. The crew is busy operating and managing the vessel and have already established routines around existing systems. … Read More

Achieving TMSA 3 Compliance with ShipNet – Part 1

ShipNet discusses TMSA3 elements: Leadership & the safety management system, recruitment & management of shore-based personnel and wellbeing of vessel personnel

Here at ShipNet, we have made it easier for tanker companies to meet compliance standards laid out in TMSA 3 through the deployment of our planned maintenance module from our Technical XE application. Through a series of four articles, we intend to discuss each of … Read More

Implementing Automation and AI into the One Connected Maritime Platform, a sneak preview…

Implementing AI and Automation into the One Connected Maritime Platform

A testament to our purpose of ‘Empowering organizations to achieve their full potential by integrating people and information’ ShipNet are exploring options with our partners AutomationEdge and their Artifical Intelligence (AI) & RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Solution. While it's early days, we wanted to give … Read More

Make Real-Time Business Decisions while Increasing Operational Efficiencies with Banking Integration

Banking Integration Module from ShipNet

For many of our customers within the Maritime Industry who utilize our Finance XE application, being able to process and execute payments is a critical function, particularly for Shipping Technical Managers due to the high volume of accounts payable.A current challenge faced within the industry … Read More

What are the key elements of TMSA 3 (Tanker Management Self Assessment)?

what are the key elements of TMSA 3?

On the 10th of April 2017, OCIMF (The Oil Companies International Marine Forum) released TMSA 3, the latest edition of the Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA) programme providing Tanker companies with a means to improve and measure their safety management systems. TMSA 3 revised and … Read More