Official R3 release

The official release of ShipNet version 2018 R3 can now be downloaded from our FTP server. 2018 R3 is a combined release which includes all of our ShipNet applications:

  • ShipNet Client Server 2018 R3
  • FST Server 18.3.1
  • ShipNet One Client 18.3.1
  • VB6_mwBuild
  • ShipNet PMS Mobility 18.3.101
  • ShipNet LMS Mobility 18.3.1

The ShipNet application is available from 2018 R3 Release :

/Release/Latest ShipNet One Release/ShipNet Client Server 2018
/Release/Latest ShipNet One Release/ShipNet One
/Release/Latest ShipNet One Release/
/Release/Latest ShipNet One Release/ShipNetMobilitySetup
/Release/Latest ShipNet One Release/ShipNetLMSMobilitySetup

Please note the .NET Framework 4.5.2 should already be installed.
This release requires ShipNet One Server (FST) v18.3.1 to be installed.

Release notes & documentation:

The new Installation Guide and release notes for this ShipNet application can be found attached to this newsletter or on our FTP server at:

/Release/Doc/Release Notes_2018 R3_COM_ACC_V2.pdf
/Release/Doc/Release Notes_2018_R3_SN_Tech_Pro_Mob.pdf
/Release/Doc/ShipNet One Installation Guide_2018_R3_V1.pdf

In addition, you will find updated Installation guide and other updated documentation in the same folder.

Please read the release notes carefully and review the additional environment requirements for this release.

Click here to download the release documentation.


Contacting Helpdesk

Europe : +47 21 01 93 20 (Oslo, Norway)
America : +1 212 537 9298 (Norwalk, USA)
Asia : +65 6221 1877 (Singapore)


If you do not wish to receive this e-mail in the future, please reply to and we will have you removed from the distribution list.

If someone else in your company wishes to receive this mail, please also email with their contact details and mail address.

If you cannot remember your FTP login or have not yet received access to it, please contact Please be aware that for security reasons only personal accounts are issued.


Note: ShipNet recommends that every customer test new versions before production implementation. ShipNet makes every effort to test all settings on different databases. However, each installation has different settings in different combinations. We therefore urge you to test your major workflows before putting this version into production.

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