Operate Planned Maintenance, Inventory & Safety easily and on the go with Mobility Onboard

The implementation of new Planned Maintenance Systems or HSSEQ Systems is always a challenging task, particularly so in regards to getting users’ buy-in onboard the vessels. The crew is busy operating and managing the ship and have already established routines around existing systems. It is also a well-known fact that work involved with updating the onboard system most often involves double work. It is not uncommon that lack of system updates, and thereby lack of quality data, is because systems are complicated and cumbersome to update and thus given a low priority.

So how can we overcome this crucial challenge of implementing a new system onboard your fleet?

Mobility Onboard - Planned Maintenance for Ships OnboardShipNet has developed a new series of applications being deployed on mobile devices onboard, enabling the crew to update the system on- site, as the user interface has been designed specifically with the user in mind – users who are often not sitting at their desk but in the engine room.

The ShipNetOne – Onboard Mobile Solution is designed to ease the pain of rolling out a new system onboard. The user-friendliness of the system will allow onboard users, with limited or no training, to operate Planned Maintenance, Inventory Management, and safety-related matters efficiently. The speed of rolling out to your ship will no longer cause delays; thus, you will get much faster benefits from your investment.

Through the ShipNetOne – Onboard Mobile Solution, you will increase the speed of reporting as well as satisfy your crew by giving them a tool-set that leads to the end of double data entry and paperwork.

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Basujit Chakravarty