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Shipping Operations Software

The ShipNetONE Operations solution allows you to make strategic decisions to fulfill commercial obligations and customer satisfaction. The solution provides total oversight of all voyage operations and management of vessels performance and activities

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Voyage Management Tool

Commercial departments can manage voyages through the Operational System (Voyage Manager), including all relevant operational functions. All ship-to-shore communications, including noon positions, SoF, off-hires, and other relevant communications are managed and captured in Voyage Manager.

Ship Chartering Software

The ShipNetONE Chartering solution allows you to make informed decisions to optimise fixture profitability. The solution provides a complete chartering, planning and management tool including voyage estimation, comparison and fixture management

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Voyage Estimation Software

The Commercial XE platform provides a Voyage Estimation tool and supports all types of voyages, including spot, COA, re-let, Time Charter In/out and gives the possibility to perform estimation comparisons and round-voyage scenarios, while the mobile platform enables quick calculations on the go.

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Chartering & Operations Data Analysis

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Enhanced Management Level Decision Making through High-Quality Data from Deck to Desktop

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What Our Customers Have To Say

“The simplicity of the solutions is what truly stands out; for instance, being able to connect information from finance, operations, and technical in a few clicks, usually stored in silos, gives insights on the correlation of data necessary for more informed decision making.”
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Giovanni Colotto
Managing Director, De Poli Shipmanagment

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  1. Voyage Estimator
    • Comprehensive voyage estimation
    • Side-by-side comparison
    • Up to date port and routing information
    • Create estimates on the go with mobile version
  2. Contract of Affreightment (COA)
    • Organise and evaluate all contracts
    • Follow upliftings and fulfilment
  3. Booking List
    • Tracking of opportunities
    • Single data entry for cargoes
Key features:
  • Drag and drop ships and cargoes for quick estimates and comparison
  • Integrated distance calculator for increased precision
  • Estimate templates to save time and data entry
  • Mobile estimator for estimates on the fly
  • Full coverage of SECA/ECA and EU Rules
  • Flexible bunker configuration
  • Capture COA terms and track lifting
  • Evaluate on-going voyage to see impact of adding cargoes, changing ports, etc.,
  • Track all commercial opportunities
  1. Voyage Manager
    • Track all voyage information, port call information and cargo operations
    • Full overview on voyage P&L estimate vs. actuals and deviations
  2. Disbursements Accounting
    • Full, detailed overview of disbursements
    • Information updated in Voyage Management and Accounting after updates
  3. Mobile Position List
    • Track fleet movements on the go
Key features:
  • Tab-based interface enabling work on multiple voyages
  • Full two-way integration to Voyage Estimator and Accounting
  • NETPAS to update distances and calculate ETA for future ports
  • Mobile Position List for real-time updates on vessel positions
  • Integrations with Q88, Q88dry, Milbros and World of Ports
  • Capture bunker purchases and quality and calculate cost and inventory
  • Compare estimated against actual sailing route on a map
  • Evaluate on-going voyage to see impact of adding cargoes, changing ports, etc.,
  • Track all commercial opportunities
  • View entire fleet’s voyages in Gantt Chart
  • Set alerts and tasks to streamline your voyage management
  • With DA:
    • In-depth capture of disbursement data from nomination to finalisation
    • Approval workflow
    • Integration with DA-Desk
    • Standard KPI reports
    • Excel templates export/import

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