Qatargas Case Study

Who are Qatargas?

Qatargas is a unique global energy operator in terms of size, service, and reliability. The Company operates 14 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) trains with a total annual production capacity of 77 million tonnes, making Qatargas the largest LNG producer in the world.

Established in 1984, Qatargas develops, produces, and markets hydrocarbons from the world’s largest non-associated natural gas field. In addition to producing LNG, Qatargas is also a leading exporter of natural gas, helium, condensate, and associated products.

Today, Qatargas continues to set the benchmark in the LNG industry as it safely and reliably supplies energy to customers all over the world.​

The Challenge

Qatargas required planning and management of voyages to be performed by the vessels, to monitor each vessel’s performance against the terms of Charter Party Agreements and to plan and balance existing shipping capacity with future demands, reconciliation of inter-venture vessels utilization and bunker planning.

Qatargas also required analysis to be performed on data received from vessels to ensure compliance and to ensure efficient use of the fleet and voyage performance when measured against set KPI’s.

The Solution

Qatargas chose ShipNet to implement the voyage management and analysis solutions for its operating business.

ShipNet set about implementing key functions in voyage management which included:

  • Vessel and delivery constraints maintenance
  • Checks on Terminal Compatibility
  • Interface to planning solutions to manage cargo delivery sequence
  • Vessel scheduling
  • Bunker planning
  • Real-time voyage management
  • Deviation management
  • Position reporting    

The Result

After a series of successful pilot runs, the ShipNet solution was successfully implemented, satisfying the business requirements of all departments within Qatargas.

The Voyage Management and Shipping Analysis Solution provided seam-less real-time web-based voyage reporting for all charter ships.

Additionally, the ShipNet solution enabled all shipping business processes to be integrated successfully subsequently to the merger of QC with RasGas

“ShipNet has been an integral part of the shipping business as it helps to evaluate, manage and monitor the voyages at various stages of its operations which are very critical for the LNG delivery/supply chain.”


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