R2 is here

On 30 April 2018, we officially released our R2 2018 software. This release comes with some really impressive enhancements across the whole solution and we truly hope that all of you, will upgrade and reap the benefits that these enhancements have to offer.

On the commercial side, we have developed a new version of the Task Manager, integrating it more closely with the Voyage Manager. We truly hope that you will find the new user interface more intuitive and easier to use. We strongly recommend that you take a closer look at this and see if it can assist you and your colleagues in performing your daily tasks.

The application SN Outlook, which has been with us for more than two decades has not been retired, this means that it will still be available but will no longer receive upgrades or enhancements. This feature is slowly being replaced with a new .Net based functionality which is an integral part of the Voyage Manager. This makes it possible to create e-mail templates that can be accessed from various parts of Voyage Manager. These templates can be made available from voyage level, port call level or task level.

In one of the versions released about a year ago, we expanded the feature that allows linking files, documents, e-mails etc. to a voyage estimate, a voyage or port call in Voyage Manager and several other places. The feedback we have got was that this is a nice feature, but it lacked the ability to search for and retrieve attachments. We have addressed this issue by introducing what we call the “File Cabinet”.

We have added a new feature to the Voyage Estimator functionality called “Re-evaluate voyage”. This will replace (or be an addition to) the “Retrieve Present Voyage”. It will allow the user to retrieve the latest updated information for an ongoing voyage and compare the effect of adding another cargo and/or ports.

The financial team have introduced Pivot View within the Query and Report Centre. The Pivot Query consists of a period analysis and a cost centre analysis. Period based analysis will produce the report with respective periods as columns, while cost centre-based analysis will produce the report based on the cost centre being used and list the columns accordingly. Both reports have drill down features.

Moving on to procurement, the team has delivered a function for setting a restriction in the ability to order specific equipment categories against set order types. Another great function that has been added is the ability to do inter-warehouse transfers, stock movements and consolidations of shipments from one warehouse to another with complete financial and logistical control and tracking.

The team behind our technical solutions has also been busy, and highlights include the user experience enhancements that we have made to the Occurrence Explore, where we have now added a “hamburger” menu on the left-hand side for easier navigation.

We have also released our enhanced Planned Maintenance mobile solution, which has been rebranded and skinned according to our new theme – a theme that you will start seeing more of in all of our product lines. We have also updated our features so that you can now do unscheduled work orders on the go and make use of the advanced smart forms solution that we have added to the mobile version.

With this release we really hope that we will bring even more value to your businesses.

– The ShipNet Team

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