Safety XE – Safety Management Software for Shipping

Advance Safety Management

  • Robust paperless ISM compliant system for efficiently managing your integrated ship and shore operations
  • Facilitates control and review of your QHSE processes, ensuring statutory and trading compliance while allowing you to manage risks as well as continuously improve safety and quality standards by monitoring key performance indicators across your fleet
  • Workflow enabled event reporting mechanism, which efficiently allows for the capture, analysis, response and fleet distribution of any safety related incidents, preventive and corrective actions
  1. Occurrence Explorer: Flexible approach to planning, recording and distributing QHSSE related information between ship and shore
  2. Risk Assessments: Manage operational risks by identifying fleet wide hazards and mitigate them by ensuring adequate control measures in place
  3. Compliance Manager: Ensuring ship’s statutory and trading compliance by tracking certificate validity and scheduling surveys in time for your fleet
  4. Document Control System: Content management system used to digitally control and manage documents which are circulated throughout the company
Safety and Quality Management Benefits:
  1. Increase Reliability and Safety Onboard: The flexible reporting system enables you to translate your company’s reporting needs into the software and continue the same process
  2. React faster: Monitor critical reports and take corrective action
  3. Improve Effectiveness: One place for all kinds of reporting formats
  4. Support Continuous Improvement: Perform audits, vetting and inspections and follow-up on actions
  5. Identify and Control Risks: Make it easy to understand and perform risk assessments, reuse and add for specific situations
  6. Promote Organisational Learning: Share and update information readily available for users onboard and in the office
  7. Administration Made Easy: Maintain central documentation with revisions and easy distribution to the fleet
  8. Monitor Statistics and Measure Key Performance Indicators: Monitor your improvements using visual KPIs