ShipNet and ShipServ strategic partnership – plans for 2019

ShipServ and ShipNet are pleased to announce that they have agreed to strengthen their longstanding partnership.  The greater cooperation between the companies will deliver a competitive advantage to their joint customers utilising world class Procurement platforms.  

ShipServ extends the capability of ShipNet procurement by providing a seamless connection to the world’s leading network of over 72,000 marine suppliers and logistics providers, and $3.5 billion in annual trade.  The benefits to ShipNet Customers are:

  • Easy and straightforward integration, with over 15 years of joint experience in connecting the two systems.
  • 100% e-enablement of suppliers.
  • Faster processing of documents from RFQ/Quote to Purchase Order/Confirmation, freight forwarding, and eventually invoice as well.
  • Ability to quickly source hard-to-find products and services, or suppliers in unfamiliar ports.

The benefits to Suppliers are:

  • Standardized response to buyers across all procurement systems, which reduces cycle times and allows for better customer service.
  • Full range of supplier tools, beginning with a free hosted solution and progressing through advanced order management tools to eventual integration when critical mass has been attained for the supplier.
  • Exposure to more buyers.

Both parties benefit from the data gathered from the millions of transactions that cross the platform.  For example, in 2018 ShipServ launched a new Supplier Performance Report to all connected buyers. The tool provides shipowners and managers with a host of key real-time data on the procurement performance of every supplier that they trade with on ShipServ. This enables them to analyse trends and identify where improvements can be made, thereby enhancing and fully optimising relationships with suppliers. The report includes 24 separate KPIs, many presented graphically, and unique benchmarks.  Suppliers have their own version of reporting and analytics, allows both sides to create opportunities for collaboration.

Don Staffin, Executive VP of ShipServ, comments, “It has taken 18 years and considerable time and investment to get to this point, and ShipNet was one of the first companies with whom we partnered to bring supply chain efficiencies to the market.  Our existing customers say on average they improve the productivity of their procurement teams by 30%, a significant saving.  One of the most attractive features of ShipNet has always been the robustness with which it handles incoming information from suppliers, which makes ShipNet users even more efficient.  We look forward to collaborating more closely on the next generation of tools to expand the functionality for all users of ShipNet.

ShipNet comments ‘’ Our partnership with ShipServ has always been excellent but strengthening our relationship is testament to our vision of the ‘One Connected Maritime Platform’.  ShipNet One has the capability to provide integrated services with more than 25 strategic partners with the intention of reducing the challenges of maintaining integrations and keeping the costs low whilst providing maximum competitive advantage to our clients.’’

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