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ShipNet has been a software provider towards shipping companies for almost 25 years. We have proven to be successful in the Maritime ERP solutions’ market and have a tremendous client base who have been with us and trusted us for all of those years as their software provider. However, we as a company are aware that times are changing and that services expectations and thus offerings are too. Therefore, we want to provide ShipNet in the Cloud to our client base. We want to run our ShipNet software in-house so we can offer the latest versions, newest features and rapid support across the globe.

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What are the daily challenges that clients face with on-premise applications?

By our clients managing all the IT responsibilities associated with having all their applications internally or externally (third-party provider) managed requires excessive communication between the client, ShipNet and third-party providers. The challenges that arise from this scenario cause valuable time and resources to be taken away from the client’s core business objectives and an increase in costs.

What can ShipNet offer our clients with Hosting as an Offering?

ShipNet wants to provide hosting as an Offering to our client base and the “One Connected Maritime Platform.” We want to run our ShipNet software in the Cloud so that we can offer the latest versions, newest features and rapid support across the globe. We can offer our clients the ability to focus on their business, to tackle any incoming issues immediately, automate the software version upgrades and provide strict security measures.

These offerings are achieved by transferring all internal IT responsibilities & Servers to a dedicated support team and hosting server at ShipNet. Currently, we are utilizing Microsoft Azure as a hosting platform.

Every month we create a test database directly onto the hosted client environment, to which the dedicated support consultant and dedicated consultant teams can have access to 24/7, removing the need for a third-party provider.

We aim to provide automatic software version upgrades twice a year for our Enterprise Clients and once a year for our Preferred Care clients, to be conducted by a dedicated ShipNet support team member. ShipNet desires to have all clients running on our latest release which usually contains numerous improvements and newest features.

We guarantee that each client’s environment is hosted separately which means that no other company may breach the policies and attain access to the client’s data. Only the dedicated ShipNet team can access the client’s data, adhering to strict confidentiality agreements and measures. Detailed backup procedures are implemented to guarantee that should the worst happen such as database deletion or data being deleted from the production database, a backup is restored immediately to ensure the client is operational in a matter of minutes. We are also fully compliant with GDPR. The detailed backup procedures and GDPR compliance contracts are provided before signing an agreement for the hosted services and can also be available if requested.

How will ShipNet in the Cloud help give our clients peace of mind?

By transferring all the client’s burdens of IT responsibilities to ShipNet through becoming their cloud hosting provider, we give our clients the time back to focus solely on their businesses and help create a stress-free working environment.

No longer will there be a need for our clients to spend time upgrading services as this is performed in-house at the suggested date and time of year from each release of ShipNet. We are enabling our clients to optimize their departments and eliminate bottlenecks associated with performing upgrades internally.

By giving our dedicated support team’s 24/7 direct server access, not only improves the support response time but enables our support team & developers to easily investigate, diagnose and correct the issue quickly and efficiently.

Most importantly through providing a secure hosting environment for our clients, we aim to give our client base peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that our client’s security is of the highest priority to us. Where every guarantee is made to prevent breaches and implement disaster recovery measures should the worst happen.

What is the ROI for our clients migrating to a hosted environment?

We believe the return on investment for our clients migrating from an on-premise application to a hosted environment is a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure which encourages business growth. Clients can meet their business objectives, keep costs in line, increase revenue while saving valuable time and resources.

The client could see up to 80% less in IT administration, testing & development time, reducing costs. New software’s & upgrades could be delivered in half the time, seeing an increase in revenue and how quickly it is earned. Through clients being able to identify issues and the dedicated support team tackling them immediately, saves significant time and resource costs.


In conclusion, we at ShipNet strive in providing Empowerment towards our clients by implementing new beneficial offerings and by continually reviewing how we can improve our services. We thank our clients who have shared their needs and feedback on their current structure and desire to move ahead and modernize the way our software is used and thus the direction of daily operations.

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