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Based in Rotterdam and founded in 1968 Jumbo Shipping is a market leading heavy lift cargo operator currently with a fleet of 12 heavy lift vessels, which it keeps up to date with an active programme of new builds. Jumbo is swift to adopt new technologies,
from pioneering the use of stabilisers when loading and discharging, to adopting skidding operations when shifting from dock to deck. This focus on innovation and specialising solely on crane loaded vessels helps Jumbo remain ahead of the competition.
Jumbo has been a ShipNet customer since 2004, and in the words of Finance Director, Bart Zielhuis, “overall, people are confident with the application”.

Jumbo Shipping 1.pngAnalysing whether a vessel in Jumbo’s fleet can carry a particular cargo involves an engineering decision, looking at weight, shape, and hoisting height. Subject to this the commercial process begins. A heavy lift voyage can be highly
complex, with several fixtures combined on one voyage, and particular engineering requirements regarding how the cargo will be loaded, and what impact it will have on the vessel. If any doubt exists, right up until the moment of loading, then calculations
need to be done again.

As soon as an enquiry comes in, it is entered into the ShipNet Booking List, which contains a lot of detail concerning the customer, the cargo details, and pricing. If it becomes a Fixture then a lot of statistics are run against the booking list to lead
it into the Voyage Estimation phase.

Jumbo’s heavy lift operations make them a typical carrier, mainly visiting small ports, or even doing beach landings and working many possibly voyage permutations, therefore Jumbo makes extensive use of the ShipNet Chartering and Operations suite, trying
to do the estimation as far out as possible. Over the time Jumbo has been using ShipNet over 20,000 calculations have been made and stored in the system.

Heavy lift voyages are often complex, with multiple load and discharge ports, and thus ease of use for the software is paramount – there is a real need for an intuitive interface that staff feel comfortable using, Jumbo’s experience shows that if something
is not easy to do, then it often will not get done.

When the Chartering department generates a voyage it is then handled by the ShipNet Operations system. This department currently used the Position Book and the Voyage Account modules. At present Noon Time Reports are being submitted by email from the
vessel and this information is manually entered, this duplicates effort and raises the potential for error to occur. A process of implementing ShipNet’s Vessel Reporting System is underway. Having the Statement of Fact data flowing into ShipNet means
Jumbo will increasingly be able to use it for producing invoices.

Once the Operations phase ends data is exported into Jumbo’s long established finance package using a series of SQL connections.

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