ShipNet: The leaders in LNG supply chain innovation

The ShipNet LNG Shipping software solution applies to the sea transportation of LNG cargoes in the LNG supply chain.

The solution covers the entire range of Commercial and Technical Management technology capabilities that are required by a fleet of LNG vessels. Our continuous engagement and discussions with industry experts and customers have enabled us to collect valuable knowledge and capture unique elements of Conventional, Non-Conventional and Mega ships.

Through one of our innovative products, ShipConnect, vessel masters can submit a comprehensive set of forms in order to capture valuable information. Upon submission of all this information, it auto-updates ShipNet in the office, post approval of data. ShipNet has entered a new era where the time-demanding data input effort required yesterday is now significantly reduced.

The LNG solution has complete coverage on key functions in LNG voyage management such as:

  • Maintaining vessel and delivery constraints
  • Checks on terminal compatibility
  • The live interface of planning solutions to fetch cargo delivery schedules
  • Manage vessel scheduling
  • Bunker planning
  • Fuel optimization (LNG and Fuel)
  • Real-time voyage management
  • Voyage optimization
  • Deviation management based on stoppages
  • Delays and deviation reporting
  • Position reporting by vessels
  • Email alerts on key events
  • Voyage data repository to electronically store all voyage reports reported by vessels
  • Automate shipping analysis by providing tools for voyage analysis
  • Fleet utilization
  • Fleet pooling reconciliation
  • Shipping cost evaluations
  • KPI’s to measure voyage performance
  • Performance claims (BOG/Loading/ Discharging/Speed/Fuel etc)
  • Vessel tracking through StratumFive OTiS and comparison of the captain’s reporting data against satellite services
  • Vessel certifications
  • LNG cargo inventory reporting
  • Document management systems for the fleet and office

The above are some examples of unique features available, however, there are many other features in the solution that enable the operators to become more effective on their day to day transactions.

Let’s think about a different world for a change…

  • What if LNG Shipping used one unique platform for the LNG supply chain where the connected vision could be realized?
  • What if Vessel Masters reports were shared across various stakeholders involved in each shipment?

We now offer our customers an exciting journey; we have major industry leaders onboard who are open to sharing best practices and ideas and this has already started across our customer base.

For customers who are interested to know about this solution, please contact me using the details below, alternatively you can reach out to us at

We have a market-leading position across offering technology solutions to the LNG sector, we want to invest more time and effort in taking this more ahead aligned to your unique ideas and business needs.