Leveraging a seamless marine procurement partnership to drive efficiencies and reduce costs – The ShipNet/ShipServ Connection

At the end of 2018, we announced the strengthening of the long-standing marine procurement partnership between ShipNet & ShipServ. Greater cooperation between the two companies is delivering a competitive advantage to our joint customers, utilizing world-class Marine Procurement Solutions. We want to show you exactly how we achieve this competitive advantage for procurement in the shipping industry by highlighting the real value that lies within the partnership.

Also, we’ll be taking a closer look at the seamless integration between the two platforms, before discussing the innovations that are in the works from the partnership.

What is the real value and efficiencies at the heart of the ShipNet/ShipServ connection?

The real value of the integration is its ability to be set up in a matter of minutes and to provide access to (and communication with) an entire marketplace, readily available at the user’s fingertips. The robust connection provides secure and reliable transactions with no adverse quality risks, enabling Ship Managers & Purchasing departments to make a higher volume of purchases. Additionally, users can reduce the amount of time taken to make purchases, in turn creating more savings.

The entire procurement workflow becomes completely auditable, controllable, convenient, and seamless, giving way to the possibility of a click in the engine room, leading to a part delivered at the next port.

We will let our numbers speak for themselves.

In the last year, more than 270,000 RFQ’s (Request for Quotes) have been raised through the ShipNet/ShipServ connection, resulting in 225,000 orders being sent from over 1,000 connected vessels. Bringing a total trade value of $350m through 2,500 connected and actively trading suppliers, and what’s more, the numbers are still growing!

ShipNet ShipServ Infographic

So how does the seamless integration between ShipNet & ShipServ work?

The ShipServ plugin acts as a complementary extension to the ShipNetOne Procurement XE platform, specifically the purchasing module. When users are working from the Procurement XE interface and engage with their suppliers through either an RFQ or Purchase Order, the ShipServ plugin kicks in and handles the communication between user and supplier seamlessly and efficiently.

Integrating the ShipServ plugin into the ShipNetOne Procurement XE platform is equally as effortless, in that ShipServ provide a plugin which is installed on the server (client-side) by ShipNet who then simply setup several configurations and that is it… you are connected in minutes!

It is then just a process of mapping out suppliers and training users on how to use various dashboards, reports, and monitors available within the system. Users are then able to start taking advantage of the real value the solution has to offer.

What are the innovations that ShipNet & ShipServ are working on together?

The possibilities don’t stop there. ShipServ is looking to extend the ShipNet Procurement XE solution to its e-commerce marketplace, enhancing the connection between suppliers, shipping companies, and logistics providers. Additionally, from a buyer’s perspective, an API Framework is in the works, enabling ShipNet users to reach into ShipServ and pull down even more data. This functionality opens the possibility to further enhanced reporting and better transaction queries. All this combined creates a more productive and robust user experience.

From ShipNet’s perspective Mobility is still hot on the agenda, with more procurement processes to be performed on the go and more efficiently, such as approving RFQ’s and Purchase Orders from mobile or tablet, no longer requiring users to be confined to their desktops.

Additionally, for more information on the ShipNet/ShipServ Partnership, please speak to your ShipNet or ShipServ representative. Alternatively, download our Procurement XE fact sheet or book a demonstration below:

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Basujit Chakravarty