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Vessel/Noon Reporting System

The ShipConnect Vessel Reporting System drives efficiencies in your noon reporting and increases the timeliness & quality of your data from your vessels, improving your vessel operations.

ShipConnect is the gateway to data analysis & better decision making in areas such as Bunker Fuel Procurement, Demurrage Calculations, Vessel Performance, while improving Invoice Accuracy, and general reporting.

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ShipConnect Ship to Shore Data Communication Daily Noon Report

EU-MRV Compliance

The EU-MRV Regulation is on the “monitoring, reporting, and verification” of carbon dioxide emissions in an attempt to reduce them for maritime transport.

This ever-increasing demand on legislative requirements on bunker consumption and the reporting requirements that follow is pushing more and more administrative work to shipboard staff. ShipConnect helps your business meet the EU MRV reporting requirements.

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Enhanced Management Level Decision Making through High-Quality Data from Deck to Desktop

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ShipConnect Ship to Shore Data Communication Quick Sheet

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What Our Customers Have To Say

“It is essential to have accurate decentralized data entry from your fleet and powerful data analytics to guide you in the journey towards 0% emissions, we are very active in complying with Poseidon principles and improving our data collection onboard. The MRV module fitted perfectly inline with our digital strategy.”

ShipConnect Features

  • A web-based SaaS Noon, Port Call, Statement of Facts Reporting
  • No installation onboard the Ship is required.
  • Data Validation
  • Consolidation of multiple reports – Multiple noon reports (for cargo owner, vessel charterer, technical manager, owner) unified into a single form
  • The solution persists through poor network connectivity without data loss.
  • For ships without internet access, an email/excel based version is available.
  • Full Integration with the ShipNetONE XE Platform, allowing the use of vessel reported data across all our applications.
  • Full Integration into the Voyage Management Module.
  • The future will see integrations with Fleet and Vessel Performance management solutions, allowing noon data to model vessel performance and identify fuel savings automatically.
  • Email templates – both on the Ship and event-driven (automatic)
  • Custom Forms in Word, Excel, and PDF
  • Attachments from Ship in all standard formats

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