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Vessel Reporting System

The ShipNet ShipConnect and MRV solution is a Vessel Reporting System that combines the ability to easily deploy and capture all performance related information from your vessels which updates your shore staff directly, with no manual duplication of work. At the same time enabling performance analysis and reporting.

ship to shore data collection shipconnect dashboard
EU-MRV missions Engine Dashboard

EU-MRV Compliance

The ever-increasing demand on legislative requirements on bunker consumption and the reporting requirements that follow is pushing more and more administrative work to shipboard staff. ShipConnect helps your business meet the EU MRV reporting requirements

Improve the Quality of Data from your Vessels

Getting timely and accurate information about your vessel’s speed and performance can be critical for the profitability of ongoing as well as upcoming voyages. Not only in regard to ETA’s and other operational elements, but also understanding the details of your fleet’s speed and performance profile can be critical.


Enhanced Management Level Decision Making through High-Quality Data from Deck to Desktop
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ShipConnect Ship to Shore Data Communication Quick Sheet
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Online ship to shore vessel reporting
  • Single operational data entry for master directly updated on shore
  • Browser based application, no software installed on board
  • Simple, yet flexible configuration including validations
  • Email templates – both on the ship and event driven (automatic)
  • Custom Forms in Word, Excel and PDF
  • Attachments from Ship in all standard formats




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