We are improving the quality of service to our customers

ShipNet is improving the quality of service to our customers.

ShipNet is taking steps to improve the quality of service we are providing our customers through our support teams and as a company. We have invested significant time in this process, and we have determined that we require an efficient tool to support our objective. We are excited to announce that we have moved to a new support tool, Jira Service Desk

Why is ShipNet transitioning to using Jira Service Desk?

ShipNet is transitioning to Jira Support Desk as it is a tool specifically designed and built for a software support team. The tool will provide our teams with increased visibility into open tickets while providing enhanced communication abilities with customers. Also, the available reporting options provide us with the opportunity to rebuild our data structure.

Overall, Jira Service Desk will increase departmental collaborations between our Support & Development teams. Our development teams are already utilizing Jira for all development items. By using the same solution we will breakdown silos and increase efficiencies between the two departments. Finally, the transition will help ShipNet reduce operating costs for our Customer Support department.

What happens to current cases for ShipNet customers?

We will ensure a smooth transition and migration of current cases from the old support tool to Jira Service Desk. Throughout the month of May, we will roll out four phases of the migration that will clean up case data and prioritize based on the severity level. More information on the transition miles stones can be found here.

Will ShipNet customers have a say in what gets migrated over to Jira Service Desk?

Yes, we will be sharing lists of open tickets upon request. During the phase process, customers will be able to review and prioritize case migration accordingly should it be required.

Will ShipNet customers receive any training on how to use Jira Service Desk?

Yes, we have published a how-to document that can be accessed from here. Alternatively, should you have any questions or require additional training, please reach out to the support team at any time.

How do I create cases moving forward?

To keep things simple and low-impact on you and your users, most of the ways users can create issues will not be changing. However, there will be some changes for you and your team. Here are the ways you can create Jira cases:

  • Option 1: Portal (View the how-to document)
  • Option 2: Email the original help desk address:, alternatively you can email the service desk address: (See below for expanded explanation)
  • Option 3: Call this number: +47 21 01 93 20 (This number will be active once the office reopens after COVID-19)

Get in Touch?

If you have any questions or concerns about the transition from Salesforce to Jira, please reach out to the support team directly ( and they will assist you or escalate your inquiry.

Cooper Barry