WEBINAR: ShipNetONE Commercial XE Roadmap 2020

ShipNet held a webinar on the 11th of June at 3 pm (CET Time), a day after the recent Service Release (2020 SR1) of ShipNet. 

The webinar focused on the ShipNetONE Commercial XE Roadmap for 2020.

The webinar was hosted by John Wills, our Product Director for our Commercial & Accounting Solutions.

The webinar covered the below topics:

  • How we view the Commercial XE Solution in its current state.
  • What we view the future state of Commercial XE will be (Roadmap).
  • What we will be delivering in the SR1 2020 Release for Commercial XE.
  • What will follow in the SR2 2020 Release for Commercial XE.
  • How you can be involved.

The presentation was then followed by a short Questions and Answers Session for our participants. 

If you are interested in viewing the recording of the webinar, please use the below contact form to request a link.

Additionally, you can download the presentation slideshow from the webinar.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at, or reach out to John Wills directly.

Commercial XE Webinar: Request a Recording

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