Wellard Case Study


  • Wellard is the world’s leading livestock exporter and a global agribusiness company.
  • Committed to excellence in the export and processing of livestock from:
    1. the procurement of sheep and cattle on-farm
    2. the supply of quality feeds
    3. pre-export preparation
    4. maritime transport using the company’s advanced fleet of livestock vessels
    5. modern processing facilities which adhere to international animal welfare standards.
  • Wellard has import and export operations on every continent, providing it with unparalleled supply opportunities.


  • Following evaluation of many maritime ERP solutions, Wellard chose the ShipNet system on the basis of its broadest reach covering critical deliverables to their business such as:
    1. Inventory control
    2. organising on-board maintenance and safety plans
    3. automate procurement and accounting management
  • The tailored, complex, ShipNet solution meets all of Wellard’s specific needs under a single integrated ERP system.


  • Wellard has successfully implemented the ShipNet solution.
  • The technical department is happy to run at greater fleet efficiency, reducing costs and having immediate access to analytical data, performance indicators and accurate inventory control.
  • ShipNet Safety module helps to minimise risks, maintain regulatory compliance and provides clear visibility across the ships and shore.
  • ShipNet Procurement Module is used to control the process of supply chain: goods and services are purchased at the most competitive price. Ships requisitions are automatically transferred to shore with costs and budget seamlessly integrated into ShipNet Accounting Module.