Wijnne Barends Case Study


  • Member of the Spliethoff group, Wijnne Barends is Europe’s leading short sea operator specialising in the transport of timber, peat moss, steel sheets and cable, as well as a range of other dry cargo.
  • With a fleet of over 30 vessels Wijnne Barends trades in all European waters, from the White Sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south.
  • Wijnne Barends also offers services to captain-owners, including chartering, crewing, financial management, ISPS certification, insurance and technical management.
  • Wijnne Barends has been using ShipNet for over 15 years, and it plays a key role in their chartering, operations and accounting.


  • Chartering input the cargo offer into the ShipNet Voyage Estimator to establish interest.
  • Voyage set up, ShipNet provides an environment to store relevant information about the projected voyage and gives a starting point for negotiations.
  • Once fixed information is sent from the ShipNet System to the vessel, agents and brokers. Importing voyage estimates are also sent to the ShipNet Position Book for use by operations.
  • Vessel Reporting System automates all recording of vessel performance data.
  • With all data in the ShipNet Position Book, all the voyage details are available to the accounting department, who use the ShipNet Finance and Accounting package.


  • Data feeds seamlessly into other legacy systems.
  • Wijnne Barends’ Controller Operations feels that “ShipNet gives us a good grip on the data, we know what is coming in, and what is going out. It allows us to check the business process, which minimises the risk of errors going unnoticed”.
  • “It’s this ability to rely on ShipNet for accurate steaming distances, historic costs, and vessel data that is invaluable.”