ShipNet is unique in being a fully joined up maritime ERP suite. By addressing all aspects of a maritime transaction we are able to ensure information passes through the system quickly and effectively. This means that you don't need to waste time copying and pasting data or worrying that it has not imported correctly. By saving time here you speed the process by which you can recognise the revenue from a voyage and make better use of your working capital

By being a joined up integrated system implementing ShipNet means you don't have to worry about the integration challenges posed by selecting a disparate group of best-of-breed applications. Using ShipNet gives you operational efficiencies that mean your cash to cash cycle is shorter and make you more competitive in the global shipping industry.

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ShipNet Commercial Management provides everything you need to manage your Chartering and Operations function, putting the tools needed by charterers and vessel operators in their hands, bringing in the data they need, and allowing them to hand transactions across to other elements of the organisations quickly and easily.

For the Charterer or Operator who needs to optimise their tramp fleet utilisation ShipNet Commercial Manager offers an end to end planning and management toolkit covering all aspects from estimating a voyage, through managing its operation, and then reporting results out.

ShipNet Commercial Management provides powerful integration tools, posting results to financial management systems and reading in data from authoritative external sources.

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ShipNet's Financial Management application is a fully featured finance application optimised for the particular needs of the shipping industry.

Combining the rich features you need when handling shipping transactions, including support for multi-company and multi-currency transactions, ShipNet Financial Management is delivered in an interface that means you can process transactions measurably more quickly, meaning you can make better use of your cash position.

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The ShipNet Fleet application provides a suite of Technical Management products that give users complete control over their ship management tasks, prioritising ease of use, personalisation, and scalability. For Fleet Managers it provides a single view reporting performance across all areas of vessel performance in real time. This is based on a comprehensive shipboard package allowing the Chief Engineer or Master to manage the safe and efficient operation of the vessel and report back to shore

ShipNet's comprehensive suite of Technical Management applications combined with an intuitive work queue based system with fully configurable workflows puts powerful tools in your crews' hands, allowing them to focus on what is really important in maximising safe and efficient operation of the vessels in your fleet.

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For the marine manager who wants greater control over purchasing, ShipNet Procurement provides complete visibility of the supply chain with financial and process controls to manage the actual cost of your inventory and minimise or optimise your purchases.

For the marine buyer who wants to source from quality suppliers using an optimised supply base, ShipNet Procurement provides an enhanced supplier rating system and seamless integration with marine e-marketplaces to help you create your pool of approved high-value suppliers.

Warehousing management functions help you manage consolidated consignments, vessel backflow, stock transfers, and shipments, all providing greater stock control and enabling a lean supply chain.

Measure and drive your procurement operations by using ShipNet to generate KPIs and metrics in industry standard and company specific formats. See where efficiencies lie and ensure your purchasing is as lean as possible.

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