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March 8, 2022
February 14, 2023

Analytics SE

What if you don’t understand enough about what’s going on in your business? How will you ever be able to improve it, change it or make the most of it?

A person reviewing analytics on a laptop
Analysis definition: The detailed study or examination of something in order to understand more about it.

So what? 

The so what is that if you don’t understand enough about what’s going on in your business, you will never be able to improve it, change it or make the most of it. Basically, you’ll never really be able to get any better.

The Shipnetters have had their thinking caps on for a while now and in line with all the exciting things we are doing, this is probably one of the most important. 

We’re pretty excited here at SNHQ and hope you are too! (Drum roll)

Please welcome Analytics SE into the Shipnet family of solutions to help drive your business to be better. Apart of from all the great features to give you a better understanding of what’s happening on your vessel and a simple way to interrogate the data you have, you can use it anywhere on any device. Handy when you are away from your desk, stuck in transit, or in a meeting and you need some insight quickly.

As experts in marine technology, we work closely with our customers, listening to what they need to add real value and ensure they get products that help solve their own very specific set of problems and this solution is another demonstration of our commitment that. 

What does it do I hear you cry?

Comprising dashboards within ShipnetOne, Analytics SE shows you how changes you make to your organisation are viewed against a baseline of historical practice. Most businesses have valuable data lost in operational systems, but no integrated way of managing and displaying that information. With over 100 standard dashboards immediately available, you can identify areas of strategic interest, establish quickly and easily performance over time, and observe changes in performance in real time as the impacts of strategic change are realised. 

This means that ROI and benefits can be identified and measured as they happen, taking the guesswork out of managing major change, ultimately helping you;

Deliver tactical value

This can be as simple as identifying where best practice already exists through comparative analysis. If one ship consistently outperforms it’s sisters in terms of fuel economy, this can be easily seen through analytics and efforts to replicate that success (and multiply the savings) can begin. 

Plan strategically

At it's heart, analytics is any data-driven process that provides insight. It can encompass both historical and predictive information, and its goal is to transform data in to insight that aids the your business and the plans you have for it.

Create competitive advantage 

It’s a fact of life that businesses with the best insight move faster and further in a competitive environment, often achieving goals and returns that simply wouldn’t be attainable without those analytic tools. In a business with razor fine margins, such as shipping, it’s more important than ever that all costs are minimised, and all revenues maximised. Simply put, every little bit counts.

So don’t just know your business, really understand it.

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