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Shipping industry financial management is where we started nearly four decades ago – now we’re active in 31 countries around the world. 

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Where it all started, proudly operating the longest-standing financial management app  

Although our service offering has since expanded, accounting is still at the heart of what we do every day. We offer a reliable and feature-rich, multi-currency maritime accounting software able to support complex corporate structures.
Find out more about our new Invoice Capture solution.

Trusted by over 150+ companies in 31 countries

Unique to market with an all-encompassing solution

For over 40 years, we’ve been working with the world’s most renowned shipping companies. What sets us apart is our fully-integrated, all-in-one financial management service, covering commercial, technical, safety and financial management. 

You’re in safe hands

Our maritime financial management application is the longest standing of its kind, operating for over 30+ years worldwide. 

Built for complexities 

With powerful query tools, an intuitive UI, and multi-currency options, tackling complex corporate and operational structures is easy.

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Captain Joshi

Manager (Quality Assurance), MOL Tankship Management

“Shipnet’s software creates personnel accountability, showing live data for all to see. This transparency makes us a more efficient business.”
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Giovanni Colotto

Managing Director, De Poli Ship Management

“Shipnet’s simplicity is what makes it stand out. Being able to connect different business areas in a few clicks allows more informed decision making.”
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Multi-currency product

Maritime accounting solutions in multiple currencies for global business, supporting international corporate structures. 

Powerful query and reporting

A range of tools to report, evaluate and assess the financial position of the fleet and its trajectories.

Multi-company accounting

Connect a range of firms within the single solution, with various EDI and reporting functions built in.

Complete integration

Effortlessly linked to all other apps in Shipnet ONE, for true holistic management of the entire fleet.

A large ship docked at port
Modernising MOL Tankship Management, bringing a shipping giant into the modern era with Shipnet ONE

MOL specialises in the shipment of chemicals and oils, and needed an elegant, all-in-one solution to bring operations up to date. Read on to find out why MOL management is saying Shipnet’s software makes them a more efficient business.

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